The Real Thought Movement

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The Real Though Movement – (AKA: Treatment or TRTMNT)


They are a group of people who believe in the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth. They believe they have been here for quite some time through continued visits or persistent residency. They believe the U.S. Government knows about the existence of Aliens and has been covering up the facts from the regular people Treatment calls “Close-minders.”

They hold meetings for people who share a belief in extraterrestrials and introduce them to a sympathetic ear and a bevy of examples of alien influence on the world. Over time as initiates become more ingrained into the culture, the group brings them into the other part of their operation, which is proving that governments, churches, and businesses have been covering up alien existence for thousands of ears, sometimes through violent means.

While they focus on subjects alien in nature, the paranoia of this group is such that they are willing to expose cover-ups and conspiracies of all types.

The Real Thought Movement

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