Northwoods Militia Unit

Wade’s Off-Gridder friends

The Northwoods Militia Unit is a group of independent minded men who believe the government is getting too big for its britches and society needs to simplify. Wade grew up with this group of outdoor and military enthusiasts. Despite disagreements of all sorts across the boards, they are still friends.


These guys do it all. They can build their own buildings though they aren’t interested in them being “to code” as long as they get the job done. They hunt and fish for their own food, they rig up solar panels and wind generators to make their own power. They fix their own cars and keep a lot of spare parts on the lawn just in case. They made their own plumbing system. They are still getting the kinks worked out. They don’t take shit from anyone, except the plumbing system. They like to drink, smoke, shoot stuff, and drink.

They believe they are setting an example for the world, making the right kind of change. They mostly get along with the nearest towns and local farmers. They are just a bunch of harmless gun and hunting enthusiasts who don’t like the gays, blacks, mexicans, somali, arabs, hippies, women, or democrats. If you ask them, most democrats are women.

These guys are opinionated, a bit nuts, and more than a little abrasive, but if you keep your word, work hard, get down with Toby Keith, Lynyrd Skynnrd, Hank Williams Jr, and love ‘Merica, they won’t shoot you dead.

Northwoods Militia Unit

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