Paulos Vlachou, Facility Chief / Field Director
Australian by birth and Greek by ethnicity, Paulos has already become liked and respected as a man both laid back in attitude and hard working in nature. Having been a valuable employee of the Hoffman Institute in the United States for the last 20 years, he is glad to be back on his home soil and home state.

Jack Nancarrow, Administrative Senior Fellow
A jack-of-all-trades in more ways than one, Jack oversees Facilities and Accounts and Personnel, and has a vested interest in Training as well. Newcomers should recognize Jack as soon as they see him. He’s the blurry whirlwind with the Skippy the Bush Kangaroo tie.

Sue Lin Tang, Archives Research Director
Formerly of the Jakarta office, Sue Lin is our resident pathologist, and expert in various poisons and venoms. The office has also come to know of her as their local health advisor, having instituted a non-smoking environment and maintained strict health guidelines in the cafeteria at Sue Lin’s insistence, as well as encouraging participation in the annual ‘Tryathlon’ fun-run.

Jonathon Wake, Intelligence Agent in Charge
An American hailing from Chicago office, Jonathon has become enthusiastically Australianized during his time here. In between perfecting his own personal Aussie accent and eating Vegemite sandwiches, Jonathon oversees the activities of the rest of the intelligence team and co-ordinates Observation.

Ken Bundy, Archives Research Fellow
A member of the local Nyungar tribe, Ken has worked with the Hoffman Institute offices in Sydney and Brisbane for the last 15 years. Knowledgeable in over 40 different aboriginal and torres strait islander languages, not to mention customs and etiquette and an part-time lecturer in linguistics at the University of Western Australia, Ken is our chief liason with tribal leaders throughout the continent. The only vice that the office can think of concerning Ken is his forceful and unswerving opinions concerning the state of Australian politics and Canberra in general. Visitors and new recruits, you have been warned.

Warren Howard, Archives Researcher
A Sydneysider with newly forged ties to the West coast, Warren is the only person in the office that can spend 18 straight hours sifting through Australian government files from the 1950’s for documentation purposes, a feat which few in the office can contemplate without shuddering.

Jeremy Harvey, Intelligence Agent
Otherwise known as ‘Jezza’, Jeremy is an expert on the ties between occultism among motorcycle groups and street gangs, and has been forming valuable contacts for the Institute among the local community.

Russell Pinelli, Intelligence Agent
A recent recruit, Russell is a local, a graduate from the University of Western Australia, born across the Swan River in the affluent suburbs of Nedlands. Fresh-faced and friendly, Russell has, however, developed somewhat of a cynicism having discovered the validity (and invalidity) of many of his personal conspiracy theories


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