Dark Matter

Dear Diary, The Exorcism went... well?
Saving a beautiful man with an uber *****

Dear Diary,

Wow, Okay. So, two nights ago, Sal was possessed by that demon who was killing the college kids in the cul-de-sac house. He was well aware of what he was doing and was banking on Gemma and myself to save him. Well, who knew it would be all that interesting!

So, Gemma and her crew come over the next night and speaks to Sal about the necessity of cutting his ties to his “benefactor” and Spot which, to everyone’s surprise, he does! Then, in her special brand of high and almighty, suggests (demands) that we do this elsewhere as the institute house is full of bad stuff. (This is mostly paraphrased as I was enjoying a guilty pleasure.)

Smith Danielson (I don’t remember which it is anymore) volunteer’s a safe house up north a ways. God’s right hand says it is perfect with few neighbors less than a few miles away any screams or other noises will be unlikely to draw attention. So, after Rollo (one of Gamma’s crew) cleans his shorts and gets himself decent, we head out.

We get to the cabin and Smith picks the lock to the front door (yeah, that’s what we were thinking). He proves it is his by producing a couple passports with his pictures and several rolls of $20’s nearing several grand.

We check the place out to find a suitable room to excise the demon. A bed with wrought iron head and foot boards was found in a bedroom and the firmness was not tested by me in front of Rollo. It would have wrecked him, but the thought did cross my mind…;)

We emptied the room of the rest of the furniture and zip tied Sal down. Gemma told us not to do anything without her say-so, with her eyes on me I suspected it was critical that I not do my healing unless she directs.

Then the exorcism began. I couldn’t tell you everything that happened, nor would I want to. There were screams, blood, crap, flies and maggots, ickor, burning spittle and Rollo blowing chunks… Yeah, Sal may be a smooth talking pretty spark and I may not be living a celibate life but, after this ordeal, he will not be sharing my bed.

An interesting point of fact, at some point there was a knock at the door of this cabin. Seems Janowitz cowed his partner into tailing us into the great north because we were as likely to be planning on killing someone as going for a calming vacation. Fortunately, Jack was there to antagonize the old cop into looking the fool in front of his partner. They left not having been present for the screams or smelling the bouquet of vomit, blood, demon crap and everything else we were basking in.

We (Smith) cleaned up while Jack and I made Gemma’s crew uncomfortable… Ok, I lay down, still feeling the pains of what I took from Sal. We stayed the night and left for Minneapolis in the morning.

As I told Gemma before, Sal is worth trying to save. Whether he is saved from the demons he follows is mostly up to him, but I will be there until the end. He is worth saving.

Exorcism: The remake
Part 1

After Salazar toke the demon into himself, Jack appeared around the side of the house. Apparently Jack toke care of the cops with a couple blows to the side of the head. Crude, but effective.

We evacuated the survivors, a bunch of kids, and set the place ablaze. It would buy us time, but eventually forensics will figure out what happened to the people inside and rule their deaths a homicide.

We get the survivors back to the Hoffman institute and Gemma with her group joined us. Natalie got Gemma a replacement shirt, since her’s was shredded by the demon. Seemed like a good indication that things might be smoothed over, and past history could be looked over, but I was wrong. Shortly after, there was a disagreement when Gemma stated her opinion on Salazar’s condition. Jack and Natalie were upset and offended of her opinion on Sal. So offended, that Natalie threw them out of the institute. Why Anna just let her, I don’t understand.

In order to try and salvage Sal’s best hope, Mia and I escorted Gemma’s group out. I managed to convince her to help Sal on the way out. Though, I feel I just put my self on the hook to be in harms way in this exorcism, which is fine. Bring it you invisible piece of shit.

After wards, we begin debriefing the kids. Seems a few of them were in denial, completely blocking out the incident, which is for the best. The few who did remember, Jack firmly emphasized the importance of keeping his mouth shut. I then cloned every ones cell phone, and once we sure we had kids taken care of, Jack and I went to Ethan’s apartment.

Jack wanted to steal the entire laptop, which is naive. What that does is, cause the police to ask around, check any camera feeds, question people etc. and that just really increases the chances of being discovered. By leaving the computer, and wiping the info and replacing it with other is better, because their going to find the laptop, nothing stolen so no need to any outside investigation of the site.

Jack kept going on about how the police might be able to recover the data. That’s a urban legend because once the data is wiped its gone. Most people only delete the file directly, which tells the computer that space of the hard-drive is available for use. The data is still there, and can be recovered if you recover it before computer writes over it. However, I tell the computer to format that section of the hard drive, which wipes it. The closest technology to recovering data over written is a magnetic force micro scope, and that. Well, lets say we won’t be getting any info from that in this life time.

Cul-de-sac of Terror - Session 2

I drag Jemma out of the house and start getting her first aid. It’s not going to be enough… I keep going because.. … Mia arrives at the scene and lays hands on Jemma, I am about to tell her not to bother, I don’t think she could do her thing without so serious repricosusiions but she lets out a pained gasp just before Jemma begins sputtering can coughing. I stare at Mia quite fucking shocked and notice she has gone pale and weak. I grab her arm to balance her and sit her down. Even a glance at Jemma tells me she has some serious staying power on her own but will need help shaking off. I watch Mia for.. I don’t fucking know… shock? Concussion symptoms… She goes loopy for a bit, unable to focus.. kinda punch drunk really. But starts to shake it off. Jemma’s large friend comes over and starts stammering.. which is understandable that was near a god damn miracle.

I head back to the house and from the doorway hear Jack talking in his cop voice. I call out and he tells me to enter. I head in and immediately head to the kitchen searching for a fire extinguisher or something to spread to see if we can track it’s movement. I strike out and head to the garage. I notice there are no stains from a car and the garage is relatively clean. I head in and open the garage door on the way. I go to the girl I saw on the way out and tell her to head out with me. We start moving and as she speaks and some weird.. smokey.. water? Freaky shit starts forming into a demon with no eyes or nose and rows of dangerous spikey teeth. It slashes out and I move around the girl taking a crack center mass. It wasn’t a K.O. Hit but should have felt like a solid hit. The girl slumps to the floor I glance at her but stay on alert not knowing what this things style is. Danielson, Mia and Jack move over to the area. Danielson asks what happened, but I don’t trust myself to speak trying not to focus on how I may have just gotten the girl killed. They group starts mentioning information on how the thing attacks with movement or sound. Most of it I have figured out but I do pick up a little more information. Jack starts investigating the scene and brings me some damp crumpled papers. I read what is a letter addressed to Aiden from a group or person going by “The Condition”. It promises true power after summoning a “denzian of the Outer Black” However I don’t get most of that info until I am reading it again over Jemma’s shoulder. She had recovered enough and Sal was still casting.. I shove the papers at her stammering asking what kind of demon it is. She tells me it’s a Slayer demon and I tell Sal. He motions he got it and then I read of the name of demon to him since the did the deal where they spell it out how you are supposed to pronounce it.

As I reach to call Anna I have a vision. Sal finishes the.. whatever he is doing and starts talking… then gets… lifted off the ground as his insides land on ground.

As I return from the vision I yell for everyone to be quiet and run to Sal. My first intention is to tackle the thing, but as I reach the point to pounce I remember it gutting… Sal.. I end up stopping in front of Sal tensing as it sounds like he is wrapping up the spell or binding.. whatever..

I get an odd sensation but trying my best I don’t see the thing. I get sort of frantic and panic and as my eyes start darting I notice the figure appearing out the of the corner of my vision. I relax a bit and figure out how to keep a better watch. Seconds seem like hours as I try not to move or make a sound. The sounds of sirens in the distance raise my heart rate and I get thrown into near panic again seeing patrol cops gutted and wondering if we would survive…

A calm cuts through me as I realize, form what Jemma and Sal have found important, that the cops won’t count in the deal and be safe unless they try to hinder the demon or us. My eyes close a second in releif and I hope the rest figure that out too. I tense more as the tree tops show the lights flashing.. but the creature continues as he has. Inches from me… I focus on staying ready… alert.

The officers get out and start off all business. Luckily we all stay perfectly still. After a little bit of us not moving they start assuming it’s performance art or some shit. Which is fine by me. Thanks to the fed training I am little better prepped to handle this.. though not moving is interesting. Of the two one of them happens to recognize me.. but not quite. She is getting enough that I play up the idea of not really saying what is going on.. but try with just my eye movement. It was either this or have them get closer to making contact and who knows what will set this fucking beast off. I get her beleiving there may be cameras, which is great since it reduces the odds of them going all.. well.. bad cop on us. Also likely their only chance to live. The other finally decides to go to the door.. he knocks and jiggles the handle, but luckily Jack didn’t kick the thing in and remembered to shut and lock it so the mess behind the door stays hidden. Eventually he goes back there and after the cop tries outsmarting me on search and seizure compliance (I just shut my eyes, thank god that worked) She realized it had been a while and investigated. I resumed only being scared shirtless by the demon in my face rather than watching that officer die a sudden and horrible death then avoiding the same myself.

The silence is broken by the sudden crash of the basketball hope flying into the cop car… luckily the demon is non-pulsed and either has been or started talking to Sal.

The bad news is Sal decided to resolve all this by taking the demon as a possession. I ask Jemma if she will help, and she will, but she is not shy about her disgust. I finally make the call to Anna and we get started on clean up. I don’t know what to do about Sal. I just know he will no longer be trusted when at my back.

Cul-de-sac of Terror - Session 1
March 20th part 2

As we pull into the area it’s clear it’s a newer development and mostly empty. There is a white panel van parked at one house and another house has lights one. Mia and Jack call out that there is someone around the house with the lights on and someone in the panel van.

As we exit the SUV the guy gets out of the van. He starts talking about how he is on the phone with 911 and we should stay away from the house. Sal starts to talk to him. Jack heads off to the house.

As I turn to follow Jack I notice some quick movement from behind me and turn to see the man from the van has Mia in a grip. I draw my pistol and tell him to let go of Agent Morietti. He stays holding on while Joe also tells him to let go. This happens again as he mentions something about knowing what is going on in the house. I holster my weapon and move toward him telling him if he knows what is going on we should work together. I get him to start talking to Sal and he mentions a woman named Jemma is in there. The situation is back under control and I know Jack will not be waiting for me so I head to the house.

The front door which is locked. It was a good choice for Jack to go around as I can handle the main entrance with a bit more stealth.

Harmony Farms - Session 4
March 20th part 1

Harmony Farms – Session 4

Helicopters land and it’s FBI. I am back in the wood line and I am not seen. I make my way back to the heated barn and as I walk up to the door a voice calls out. I recognize it as FBI Agent Roush. I call back identifying myself. FBI Agent Wu gives me his parka and I warm up in the barn.

We get loaded into Roush’s helicopter and taken to a facility for debriefing. They give us the official cover story and tell us we will be in quarantine for up to 4 weeks.

While in quarantine we get word that it appears Dickey has packed up and taken off.

After a week we are released. Back in the debriefing with Anna, Brenthwait is taken to task about summoning. He goes off into a private meeting with Anna.

I schedule a fight and invite Wu to train with me and he offers to be in the corner and I accept. She is skilled but I handily beat her in the first round.

Harmony Farms - Session 3

The shock of seeing the thing rise from the… ship.. is a gun shot. I draw my pistol and position the ship between myself and the monster. I get a sharp pain behind my eyes and I think I started putting my hands into the ship, but I sort of come to on the ground. Luckily I am still holding my gun. Jack and Sal are near me. I get up into a crouch and aim at the monster. Jack takes off to the front of the tent and yells for his guns, which makes sense as I see Mia is back so the truck should be too. Sal moves away from the center after telling me I should move away. I scramble up the side fall in behind Sal and aim again. Someone else fires and I notice a weird shimmer across the monster. I turn and fire a round at the ship. There is a hissing sound and some green gasses escape the ship before it seals itself off. Another round goes off, but I don’t know where it goes. Mia steps up by me and fires at the ship as well. Now there is a larger yellow-green cloud hanging around the ship. The thing goes nuts wiggling it’s arms and all the mind numbed people head towards the ship. The earth shakes, I guess that is what Sal had planned, and a large group of people fall into the pit. I move up and start trying to drag people out of the yellow-green cloud in the pit. Mia comes up and falls in, I loose her in the cloud. The quake stops as more gunfire sounds. The creature jumps, I tense as he starts to head our direction, but he lands on the ship. Sal goes off more intense then ever on crazy spell casting yelling and a winged lady like the one that was summoned against us in the dessert. There is also a thunder clap as a large glowing man appears above the monster. The angelic man presses down on the monster, at first stopped by the shield he easily starts crushing past it after being made aware of it. The winged lady digs her claws into the ship and begins to pull the thing apart. The alarm stops but it starts to make a sound like jet engines. I start to pull another person out but notice that in the movement the gas from the ship is acting like fog, I quickly strip my jacket off and start using it to fan the cloud off the people. Sal yells at the people to head his way. Most start scrambling that way. The demon lady sees the angel guy and freaks out jumping up and attacking him. Jack fires on the monster and it’s clear the thing is finally done. I see there a few bodies still in the pit, I go in to try to get some sort of id from the people and have a vision of the ship imploding and all of us getting sucked in and dying. I start screaming for everyone to get out. Most of the team begins herding the people out. We bunch up at the door and Danielson decides to leave his group he was herding to grab a downed guy. I take over his group adding them to mine and get them past the SUV where I saw the edge of the hole get. I get the group clear and looking back I see a small grouping in the area where the sinkhole will appear in seconds. I move them forward but the ground starts to heave. Jack heads over but trips with the ground rumbling. The ground shifts to a steeper incline and I grab two of the three as they start tumbling backwards. I quickly start to realize I can’t move forward while holding these two. Looking at both of them I tell them I have to let them go and to grab on. One of them manages to grab on. I start climbing up. It’s difficult to grab hold as pieces fall off. I struggle to make it to the top and my hand makes it back above the top. I feel a hand grip my wrist which is great because I don’t really have anything left. It try to help but my fingers are numb and I lose my footing. I get lifted out of the hole by Jack. We lay on the ground a minute and recover. We start shuttling people back and fourth, but it becomes clear that people are going to get frostbite and further problems. I hitch a ride with the SUV closer to the treeline and start a forest fire. It grows quickly and as I enjoy the heat rolling off I realize I have stepped closer… a lot closer. Nothing hurts, until the wind shifts and I inhale a load of smoke.

Harmony Farms - Session 2

I move up to the house. The side door is open and the lights are on. I draw my pistol at the entry way and call out. Entering in the house and it smells nasty in there. The room on my left is pilled with dirty clothes and backpacks. I keep calling out making sure to sound as much like a cop as I can and specifically call out Russel’s name. I move through more of the house and the whole place is a mess. The dinning room table has two giant drink containers holding a red beverage, that smells like it contains quite a bit of booze. Unsure if there is a connection with the booze and anything I decide to knock them over thinking that at worst I just ruined some spiked punch. As the containers spread their contents across the table and floor I hear a loud noise from the entry way. I turn quickly ready for anything and move carefully to check it out. As I round the corner into the hall I hear more gunfire, which is odd. I though for sure between Jack’s bullets and the combined weird shit from Mia and Sal the few plant monsters would have been an easy mop up. As I process this Smith makes a grand fucking entrance yelling about how there are more incoming as one slams into the door-frame behind him. Well isn’t that some shit. Guess the party wasn’t canceled, the activities just changed. I prop up nice and easy on the wall quickly finding a steady position and I tear off a round into the snarling plant think. A chunk tears off it but that doesn’t slow down at all. I fire again and Smith joins in. It’s quickly taken down and I step past it outside. I see what appears to be a human on fire. Scared it’s one of the team and sure even if it’s a bad guy they won’t be a threat once the fire is out. I activate my pyrokinesis but fail to extinguish it. I tense to bolt over and put them out the old fashioned way as it takes off moving past me and around the house. Sal yells something and I get the idea this person on fire is actually a summoned creature. I move up to the corner of the house as it never really losing sight of it’s glow as it dances across the yard. The fire elemental is closing on one as I squeeze off a round at it. Flaming fists swing connecting with the plant monster less than a second after my lead. I watch mesmerized a little by the flame arching in the familiar actions of the close up fight. I snap back in time to see his buddy leaping at me. I manage to go with the force of his leap and we twist a little as we slide and stumble but each find our footing. In the flurry of snarls and slipping we end up in a grapple. I activate a psy-plade as a round slams into the thing and it drops as a swarm of rats overtake it. I slash at it with the psy-blade, hitting some of the rats, but the monster is dead. I never hate it, but sometime I really love the weird shit and lead throwing the rest of the team can do.

We get into the house and I start clearing the first floor. I suggest we keep clearing the house, it seems kind of urgent to secure the farm at this point, but others want to take a moment to make a plan. Jack seems rather adamant about taking the the time. I can’t really fault them on that, but I can’t shake the feeling that we should keep securing the scene so I go about finishing clearing the first floor. After a few minutes I am satisfied the floor is safe and they rest finally feel comfortable continuing so we head upstairs. Entering the first room we find a bunch of basketball sized and slimy… sacs… Varying numbers but the same thing in every room except for the bathroom. I get the shower curtain and try to drop a.. full one onto it. As I start cutting it the others start freaking the fuck out. Jack looks another room or two and as he finds the freaking out is happening in all of them I stop. Looking around the room a little unsettled as they all slowly calm I decide to just grab an old one. I wrap it up a take that and the lady into the car and we start setting up the house to burn down. Just as we are getting ready to light the bitch I get a vision.. it’s really god damn disturbing. I run upstairs and go right to the closet from the vision to find the kid coloring in there. I get a shudder through my body as I see him, his charred face from the vision. As I shake it off he mentions that his Aunt Candy will come for him. Desperate to get the kid to move I describe the lady from downstairs and miracle of god damn miracles she is Candy. The rest of the group is startled when I return with the kid. He drops something as I lead him to the SUV to meet with his Aunt Candy. I make my way back to the house as Smith is talking about a piece of paper the kid dropped. He is coloring in his Aunt’s journal. It mentions a bunch of conspiracy shit and the kid has drawn what appears to be a more freaky version of the plant beasts. We watch the place as it burns to make sure they don’t escape. At least that fucking goes to plan.

With the house-fire’s light dancing across the treeline and yard we head around behind the house following the tracks to where the kid and other info says the rave spot will be. There is gigantic circus tent that has light leaking out from it. Jack gets out and steps into the tent and quickly leaves with a guy who seems like he has no will… I stick some tinfoil on his head and just as I get ready to give Sal a smart ass reply… he comes to. I swear softly and place some tinfoil on my head. Jack gives in too and heads into the tent with the roll to start rescuing from the front… he gets a good way in then decides he can’t do it. Which is a scary fucking thing to hear Jack say about something that was his idea to do. I grab the roll giving Jack a nod and grit my teeth as I walk into the tent.

It’s incredibly difficult, but thanks to the warning Jack’s effort provided I am ready for it and push past the brutal mental attack. Reaching the front there is a young woman about elbow deep into the strange alien or otherworldly… Device? Structure? I am very relieved to find I can pull the woman free from the thing. I get her free and place some tinfoil on her head. I wait until she comes to, trying to look caring and heroic so she doesn’t freak out. Which may or may not have helped because she doesn’t full on panic but she is confused as shit and I can’t really blame her. I finally get her moving and out of the little pit. We get through the first six and send them out to the car. While waiting for them to return we get three more out. As the group returns the remaining ravers turn to me and say “Who interrupts Moorlack?” “Submit to the harvest”. I keep looking around. From the… weirdness steps a larger monster

Harmony Farms - Session 1

After Afghanistan I was able to book and compete in two fights. The first was another “up and comer”.. and it’s kind of shitty, but I don’t really remember her name. I moved to 2-0 after a 2nd round K.O. The second, a rematch against Alice “Painkiller” Blundell, I have replayed in my head everyday since. Easily my favorite time in the ring and the crowd went FUCKING CRAZY. I might be 2-1 now but it was a damn action packed 4 rounds and came down to a narrow scoring victory for Alice. It was great for both of us. I even think, watching the replay, they missed a few solid points to score for her in the 3rd round. She has offered her publicity agency as my representation. I am actually going to be fairly picky in what I agree to, but I think if anyone will understand it’s her and she’s doing amazing for herself.

Monday Jan 20th – 11 am
We have been upgraded to ‘Upper Mid-West regional branch’ headquarters instead of just the Twin-Cities Branch. They cite reasons like our excellent track record in solving cases with a wide range of skills. This followed with the fight career… I am just happy as shit. It’s kind of lame but I framed that hand written latter from Nakami.

This news is also necessitating an addition to our team. “Smith” our point of contact from Afghanistan is revealed to actually be Joe Danielson. His actions with us on that mission have earned him recruitment as a probationary member of our team. He is handy in combat so that it could be a good addition. He quickly gets sucked into some macho silliness with Jack. I just sit tight waiting for it to pass and formulating my own plan to infiltrate the party. We settle on Joe, Mia and myself for the inside team while Jack and Sal will stay in the vehicle and monitor after dropping us off.

We are getting ready to call it a day when Danielson mentions the sorcerer escaped and killed the Imam that was sent in to watch him. He has sent it up the chain of command and after some mediation Sal finds it isn’t an issue for us to handle so even though it’s unnerving, I just file that info away.

Thursday Jan 25th – 9 am
A man reached out to Sal requesting help. He believes his son, Russel Simpson, has been brainwashed into a cult located on Harmony Farm located just about an hour northeast from St. Cloud where the kid attends college.

The official research is that Harmony Farm was formed in the 60’s as a hippie commune. An old article mentions them making money by selling produce at farmers markets. However more recently they have been known on campus for holding raves. A few students always come back to talk about how awesome it was and hand out fliers promoting the next rave.

Sal has another meditation session. We meet up again at noon for Sal to further brief the group. There is some preternatural/extraterrestrial disturbance however it is not Spiritual in the sense Sal can deal with. There may be people that are being mind controlled and should be subdued rather than maimed or killed. Jack just wants to go grab the kid. I suggest we try to infiltrate and we go to visit Max at ASAP Security with a blank check from Hoffman. Turns out he is a MMA fan and I happily take a picture with the guy. We get two “button cameras” wired for sound and a device we can attach to a window are receive the audio.

We get to the school and Russell’s roommate gets us a copy of the flier. There is a DJ or sometimes a band. He also mentions there was an earthquake in Foley a couple months ago, around the time Russell disappears and maybe when this all starts. We head down there and stop at a dinner for some food and to waste time. While we near over staying our diner welcome someone finds there is a Wal-Mart near by and we head out. It’s easy to waste a few hours here. Jack disappears into the firearms section and I follow Sal’s lead into some safety/comfort items for the frozen ass tundra evil has decided to fuck up this time.

As we drive it the gate is locked with a sign made from spray painted cardboard that there is no party tonight. I hustle out and unlock the gate and get back in the car. The group starts talking about heading back. Joe gets out to re-lock the gate and I notice what appears to be a body in the ditch. I brush off snow and notice he has a stab wound in the back. He is frozen to the ground but his back pockets are exposed and I grab his wallet containing his id. Head back into the truck and have Joe run his info. His name is Tim Warden and his address is listed as Harmony Farms. He has lived at the farm for around 10 years. He has no criminal record. It’s clearly a murder scene and the rest of the group is now on board to investigate.

Sal sends Spot out and takes a look. He sees a quiet farm house. I head out with Joe and Mia to sneak up to the house and place the surveillance device on the window. I get a call from Jack soon after setting out the trek and apparently there are mutilated cows littering the yard.

As we stand at the tree line ready to make our way up to the house I notice a middle aged woman is running through the field in our basic direction. She is weaving past the cows and I roll my eyes noticing the tinfoil cap on her head and they land on the… monster that is chasing her. It’s large sort of… flytrap plant looking head sits on 4 creepy fucking bug legs. It skitters quick as hell… at least a little faster than the women can run. I start whispering loudly into the mic for the rest of the team to come out as I begin to charge the monster. The lady notices me and stumbles to the ground. I continue charging hoping I can reach in time to help her. A shot rings out from behind me and the monster gets hits and staggers. It catches up to the woman as I activate a psi-blade and lunge the blade in aiming low to miss the lump that is the woman. My thrust strikes swift and clean the beast twists at the sudden pain cause a tear and the women slides out from the thing all covered in goo. I go for another strike and separate the mouth from the bottom part. I try to talk sense into the lady and get her to the car. She is too out of her mind with panic so I decide to try dragging her to the house. I get up to the door and begin to peak in.

October 7th pt 3

The generators die down and the waiting begins. We hear some talking in the hallway, it sounds like one person on a walkee-talkee. The door opens and I quickly grab his wrist he sprawls out face first and I fall forward with him keeping him pinned. Dickie comes up and attempts to kick the guy, but his now spirling flash light I can’t make out what happens. I don’t hear any contact or feel the force through the guard. I am distracted by an elbow to the sternum but shake it off. He used that distraction the go for his pistol. I disarmed him quickly. Dickie kicks again and connects. the guy goes a little boneless, but he’s not quite out. Jack comes over and gets him in a hold. I am able to see his uniform is not the same as the transforming soldiers from the vision. Which is good… really fucking good. We get him secured, I gag and blindfold him. His radio squelches and it seems it’s time for check in. We don’t respond. I say we should get moving as the clock has just started ticking.

We leave the generator room and head down the hall. I struggle at the door but get it open just as Mia starts getting tense. She starts whispering to enter the room and I do. We get sorted Mia taking a knee and I stand ready to go. I draw the pistol in one hand and the knife from the soldier in the other. A low shadow rushes past and a light clicks on in time for me to see it is a dog. A volly from our side and a thud. We wait another second or two and Mia shuts the door, she telegraphs it enough that it doesn’t startle me. I wonder what the issue is then hear a loud bang and a bright flash from under the door. We hear boots approaching fast. Gun fire from both sides sounds off. Our radios squelch and I hear Dickie say “Nat 11 o’clock." I look to Mia, grab the handle and open the door crossing with it. Mia fires. A guy runs up to take the wounded guard to saftey. I take a shot at the duo aiming for the one doing the rescue, it’s a solid hit, but it he shrugs it off through the vest. He keeps working back as he gets hit a from Mia as well. He keeps going back down the hallway and cover fire smacks into the walls around us. I stay out of sight and put the knife away and grab a grenade. Another burst of gunfire. The rest of the group has been moving up. I check quickly and it’s clear so I throw the grenade and yell “frag out” while taking cover back behind the wall. It explodes and there is no return fire.

Smith runs up and slashes the throats of the guys still caught in the hallway. I look down quick, I can’t help it… they are pretty torn up… such a horrible mess… I move down and stop at the first door and keep an eye down the hall. We work down clearing an old computer room. Then an armory. I give Dickie a shotgun and tell him “Merry Christmas”. The last room is a walk in freezer. It’s got some rotted food with english and french labels. I swap out my pistols for a smaller one with more rounds. We go down the stairs and start clearing rooms. Smith opens a computer room and starts poking around. It’s clear so Dickie and I check the next room on the left. It’s a bathroom. I clear the stalls while Dickie covers. The last stall has a guy in a lab coat. I start questioning him. He says there are 4 guards and 4 doctors. We interrogate the guy. Dickie does not believe the guy. I don’t give a shit. I am not buying everything the guy is saying but I’ll use it as a guide. Timor the prisoner, asks if we where seen by a drone. He says we should go now… He does seem really nervous. I suggest we just secure the agent and his team and get the fuck out of here.

We head down to the holding cells. Timor’s badge does not work. I call on the radio to Mia and Sal and ask one of them to bring down a security guards badge. Sal brings back a card and we free the Agent and most of his team. Based on his info we check the lab.

Timor points out that one gurney holds a Dr. pretending to be a prisoner. I walk in and rush him. I go to turn the gurney over and fail… but I do slam the gurney into the wall and play it off telling him he isn’t fooling anyone. I start getting him pinned. He slashes out with a scalpel, misses and I disarm him. He starts talking about how the power needs to be back on and he needs to keep working. It’s revealed that another Dr. is destroying evidence next door. Part of the team breaks off to deal with that. Sal stays back and I finish strapping the previously pretending Dr. down and Sal asks where the other prisoner is. The Dr. quickly glances to a door. I grab his key and head to the door.

I open it the door the Dr. nervously glances at and it stinks worse than even that god damn airport terminal. Everything is smeared in blood.. a gurney is knocked over. There is some weird creature in the corner. I can’t tell if it’s part of the human or coming out of it. I fire the shotgun and it splatters on the wall. We start to leave and realize that the jamming needs to stop. Timor tells us where the runes are and Sal goes to work. We get set up to head back out for extraction. Mounting up and preparing for possible resitance from the “Wolf Squad” the Dr. was starting to spout off about as Jack knocked him out.

Oct 7

Sal, Smith and I are in the cave. Mia and Nat are off tracking the old man while he wandered off. Suddenly there is some weird snake-like sound and the pile of rotten blanket the old coot was sleeping on start to stir. While I am trying to understand what’s going on Sal yells something about something coming and a weird looking demon-type woman crawls out of the pile of blankets. She’s human sized but has wings and huge claws. She has some kind of quick exchange with Sal and next thing I know Dickie is running in to the cave with his gun out. He runs right up to her and blows a couple of little chunks off of her. Pieces actually flew off. But she’s unfazed and slices at him with some nasty looking claws. I don’t know how she missed him. I thought about grabbing her to keep her busy so Sal can work his voodoo but I notice that she’s actually smoldering. Grabbing her is not an option. I draw and realize Dickie has put himself right in my line of fire. I fire, figuring I am pretty unlikely to hit him. Two rounds smash right into the middle of the thing’s skull taking part her head clean off. She gets knocked back against the wall missing the top right half of her face, including an eye. It didn’t seem to do much other than make her mad. I snap off two more rounds hitting her square in what’s left of her face and the rest of her head falls off. Just to be sure I put a couple more rounds into the body and the wings turn to smoke and go away. What’s left is the body of what appears to be a woman. Dickie tells us something about succubus from a movie set he was on and Sal just tells him to shut up. I don’t know what any of this is about but it freaked the hell out of me. I liked it better when I could explain this stuff away.

Outside Nat is yelling for Sal. They grab the old man and put him in the back of the truck. Nat ties him up and she and Sal start interrogating the guy. Mia is translating the Farsii part of for me. From what she is telling me about his aura he’s a really bad dude, long lived, angry and just plain evil. She says hatred and murder are keeping him alive. That’s got to be a figure of speech but lately I am not sure. If it’s not then….damn.

From what I can get from the questioning is that the guy is cursed to live here forever, killing people all the time. He’s beaten but not broken and we aren’t sure what to do with him. If we kill him there is a chance one of us gets his curse. Maybe he’s lying. But if he isn’t that’s to ugly to think about. For a second I suggest maybe the Hollow Man can handle this for us. Everyone looks at me like that’s stupid. Mostly because it is. Finally I suggest we dump this guy off on a local Imam and let local justice figure it out. That seems to be the best solution and Smith tells us about a nearby village that might work. Dickie says he knows a guy who knows a guy…so we head out.

When we get to the village Smith and Sal try to work out a deal with one of the locals. It’s not happening and Dickie has to come in and make it work. We leave the bad guy and head out. Eventually we get to a bunker type building that looks abandoned. Sal says Spot can’t get in there without getting hurt, which I don’t get but it is what it is. We watch the place for twelve hours and get some sleep. Once we decide to approach the plan we agree on is to repel down one f the three sides of the box canyon and sneak up. We manage to get that done and Nat and Smith get the door open and we go inside to find a huge, empty and dark building. There is no sign of anyone and plenty of signs of no one. Sal says there is magic in here someplace keeping Spot out. This is getting really weird. It gets even weirder when we find a jury rigged generator room down the hall. The generators are running and someone has to fill them. But the lights here don’t even have bulbs. Someone suggests syphoning off the gas and stopping the generators. After about 15 minutes they stop running. Now we wait to see what happens…


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