Dark Matter

October 7th

I choke the son of a bitch out and run to the truck for some of the rope. As I am rooting around for it I hear a yell and a short burst of automatic gun fire. I run back past the cave looking over quickly and it seems Jack and Dickie have it under control, which is good cause I need to make sure the sorcerer is out of play. I rush back and tie him up, I go to gag him and find he is sinking into the earth…. I yell for Sal then start recording it with my cell phone. He says the guy probably has a spell in place to have the earth protect him if he is in knocked out or otherwise in danger. Sal starts casting a crazy yelling spell, I step back and draw my pistol in case it doesn’t work… it does.. it’s weird. After a bit of an earthquake the ground sort of… spits him out. I pick the bad guy up and take him to the truck hoping separation from the earth will stop his protection plan. Mia wonders why we don’t just kill him Sal kinda agrees saying a demon summoner is crossing the line. I do see that, but I didn’t know he was into that sort of shit and killing him now even if he is evil does not sit right with me.

Sal and I interrogate the guy. He is not worried about the village or the soldiers, kinda happy to hear about all the death actually. He asks Sal who he serves and Sal’s evades the question… which is interesting. I know Sal has some powers, but just assumed it was all from books… The bad guy says he serves “the dark one”. The interrogation hits a dead end as he doesn’t know/care about the compound or werewolf soldiers. We then get into a long discussion about what to do with the guy. We finally decide to take him to a village Smith knows about and name drop a Imam that Dickie knows. Trying to gauge their belief of the situation/willingness to comply.

The next day Jack has me call Anna. The conversation goes well. It was nice to talk to her again. I manage to answer all her questions to her satisfaction without lying, which makes me feel great. She is a good friend and I would hate lying to her, but freaking her out wouldn’t do us any good and might throw Jack off his game… which given our mission would be really fucking bad.

We head off to the village. I stay in the truck, assuming just my presence would be bad for the situation. Sal and Smith go and talk to the village holy man. It doesn’t go well at first, but surprisingly, Dickie helps the situation. Not sure what all went down, but I think I need to start cutting the guy some slack. He might have a different method I don’t always agree with, but he can be quite effective.

Leaving the village it’s another long boring fucking drive. Along the way the electronic devices start going bat shit again. Dickie looks like shit. We get him feeling better then hit the… dessert again. Not too long after setting out again we can’t drive any further. I get the feeling it’s pretty close and we head out on foot. We come up to a cliff. The ghost leaves me. Sal ends up sending Spot down to recon. He comes back having been injured. Jack works through Sal some questions trying to figure out what the fuck is going on and Sal decides it’s likely a ward.

We get the the place and I mumble some stuff in Farsi from the guide. I feel myself losing his knowledge and… other things go threw my head.. Some part of my brain is tempted to just fall back, but luckily a bigger part screams that would be a bad idea. I blink a second and look back at the drop from the cliff face. Luckily no one notices my shudder.

After a bit of… discussion we decide to repel down the wall as a team and make a break for the compound. Most of us make it down pretty quick and easy. Sal get’s tangled up and ends up upside down about half way. If it wasn’t such a dangerous situation it would be pretty hilarious. Smith and Dickie go and rescue the poor guy. We group up and head out.

We reach the side of the building without incident and Smith and I head around the front to deal with the door. They have some complicated electronic lock on the garage door Smith is pretty confident he can hack it which is great. I have no fucking clue. My B&E experience is limited to good old fashioned tumblers. I cover him. The intercom by the door squelches to life letting out a warning in a few languages. I tense ready for the shit to hit the fan, but it stops and nothing greets us… thank fucking god. I am not terrible excited about running into well organized werewolf soldiers. I tried to relate them well, but I don’t think I quite captured how horrifying the things are to the group.

Smith works the door open i hustle back and get the group. Soon after we hear what is quickly identified as a drone in the air. Smith opens the door quick and we enter. Smith shuts the door in the dimming light I try to quickly get my bearings. The garage is empty and a door on the far end. Then it’s pitch fucking black. My heart races a little with some deep seated primal fear then a flashlight and another clicks on and I work start breathing again.

A light switch is found, but does nothing. A sweep of flashlight reveals the bulbs are missing from the fixtures. Searching finds the place has been pretty thourughly gutted. Some lockers and such, but no tools or even trash. It couldn’t have been vacant too long as there isn’t any dust to tell us if there is anything still here.

We make our way to the only other door. It’s a hallway ending in a turn. Smith takes point and I follow. There is a hum from the otherside of the door. I pop the lock and we enter. It’s empty and a makeshift generator room. We discuss waiting for someone to refil, but it could be hours. I suggest draining the gas to speed it up. While that gets handled Jack and I take up ambush positions buy the door we assume the gas jockey will enter through.



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