Ring of Command

A simple silver band with feint, intricate engravings on the inside


A powerful relic that allows the wearer to give short, simple commands to people that they are immediately forced to act upon.
There are limits to what the target of a command will do as they sometimes resist an order to directly harm themselves or act in opposition to their moral code.
The Hollow Man was briefly under control of the power of the ring while it was in possession of Jack Thorn. it seems that the ring allows the wearer to command the Hollow Man to do complex tasks without limit.
Agent Salazar Brenthwait was last in possession of the ring before being compelled by the Hollow Man to hand it over to him in exchange for Anna Takamora, who had been kidnapped and tortured by the entity.

The ring has a very big draw-back. Every command that had been issued by the wearer must also be acted upon by the wearer shortly after the ring is removed. Although some commands are not applicable to this stipulation, most would be – including a command to ‘drop dead’.

Commands made to the Hollow Man do not suffer from the above draw-back, leading some Institute researchers to theorize that the ring was created specifically to control the Hollow Man and/or entities like it, with the ability to control humans being a side-effect of the energies harnessed to create it.


Ring of Command

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