Jack Thorn

Ruthless pawn of hostile forces


Former Head of Security for BioMedChemTech. Briefly inserted as Field Director of the Minneapolis branch of the Hoffmann Institute after the Institute was taken over by a Shadow Organization.


Taken into custody by the FBI’s Special Affairs Division after a joint Hoffmann and FBI operation successfully ended the hostile take-over.
Released and placed under observation after interrogation revealed that he was acting under duress; his wife and daughter were being held as ‘incentive’ for him to conduct operations for the organization that took over the Institute. S.A.D. believes that he has no knowledge of the organization’s name, purpose, or origin.
His wife and daughter were executed before the FBI ultimately succeeded in their operation to restore the Hoffmann Institute to Dr. Nakami’s control. He has since developed an irrational fear of large office furniture

Jack Thorn

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