Salazar Brenthwait

Veteran Agent of Department-7


Reeks of sex-appeal with a whiff of kitty-litter.


An Agent of the Twin-Cities Branch of the Hoffmann Institute.

A former cult leader, Sal was only in it for the sex and devotion of the female members; not because he believed in the power of the dark rituals they performed. However, after stumbling upon a summoning ritual and performing it with all members of the cult present, a creature of the Outer Black appeared and massacred everyone but Sal and one other member before they were able to disrupt the spell to send it back.

Newly awakened to the power and danger of real magic, Sal poured himself into occult study and actively sought-out cults he believed were practicing the Dark Arts in order to stop them (and collect any dangerous magic transcripts and items for his studies). It wasn’t long before Sal gained a reputation as a cult-buster and began working for various police agencies as a consultant whenever they stumbled upon cult related crimes. It was in this capacity that the Hoffmann Institute became aware of, and recruited Sal.

Sal has access to a number of spells that range from ‘amusing’ to ‘diabolical’ and is usually accompanied by a black cat that seems to appear from nowhere and tends to put people ill-at-ease.

Salazar Brenthwait

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