Mia Moretti

Agent of Department-7


Damn! She ain’t look it, but she old as hell, yo!

An Agent of the Twin-Cities Branch of the Hoffmann Institute. Mia seems to be immortal; she has lived for centuries and hasn’t aged since reaching her early 20’s. She also has impressive psychic abilities in the form of telekinesis and psychic healing. Those who know her secret within the Institute surmise that Mia is either a step forward in human evolution or carries a freak gene mutation that allows her cells to reproduce flawlessly; without the normal degradations that are governed by the Law of Entropy.

Current relationship situation


Mia worked for the Smithsonian as an acquisitions agent; a job that allowed her to travel extensively and gave her access to ancient sites and objects that were otherwise restricted.
She is multilingual and has an ability to blend into different cultures despite her appearance; what some would call a ‘flawless beauty’.
Having had no formal medical training, Mia is still able to treat the sick and injured with a skill that borders on ‘miraculous’. As far as anyone knows, Mia has never been sick; not so much as a sniffle, and recovers from injuries that would have others on permanent disability.
The Hoffmann Institute recruited Mia after Department 7 agents crossed paths with her on multiple assignments where her job gained her access to sites/objects that were integral to their assignments. Mia is now a Department-7 agent for the Twin-Cities branch of the Hoffmann Institute.

Mia Moretti

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