Anna Takamora

Field Director of the Institute's Twin-Cities branch


A real looker with questionable taste in men.


Anna was recruited into the Hoffmann Institute by her mentor, Agent Berditzman. She was partnered with Senior Agent Randal and tasked to recruit new agents for the newly-opened Minneapolis branch. Agent Randal proved to be a hindrance to the recruitment process due to a personality disorder so Field Director Berditzman stepped in and, together with Anna, filled the roster in short order.
Anna served as the Minneapolis branch HR director and secretary until the Institute was taken over by a hostile entity and Agent Berditzman was replaced by Jack Thorn as Field Director.
Anna went rogue once she learned that the Agent’s loved-ones were held captive in order to keep them on-leash. She secretly contacted the telepath brought in to brainwash Agent Cooper and told him to play along until the time was right before disappearing.
Anna returned to join the effort to restore the Institute into Dr. Nakami’s control and helped defeat Jack Thorn.
Initially installed as interim Field Director, Anna has recently been promoted as the new Field Director of the Twin-Cities Branch of the Hoffmann Institute.

Acting against Hoffmann Institute company policy, Anna has begun a relationship with Senior Agent Jack Cooper.

Anna Takamora

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