Dark Matter

The Jack Revelation

Natalie's Point of View

After Sal has one of his.. Meetings. We all gather and start discussing the Grant Building again. We just sort of rehash what we already knew, making sure we understood what crazy occult truths Sal was getting at before when Sal and I hear some cars on the gravel. We both get up, Sal mentions he heard cars pulling up. I see Hancock, Franks and Pierce get out of their truck and head up while two get out of the other truck and start looking around. I mention that to the group. Anna gets up and greets the agents at the door before they have chance to make their presence known. Hanckock enters and starts barking fucking orders. I really don’t like this asshole, but I take a seat anyway. I don’t want to make Anna’s job more stressful.

Hancock notices we are not all there and Anna tells him Jack is unconscious from the fight. The agents are not surprised by this, makes sense as Wu would have told them. Pierce seems to like the idea of waking up Jack with adrenaline as Anna said would be the only way to get him at the group. Hancock is pissed that we didn’t contact him. I ask him why it was unreasonable to assume Wu’s report was enough. I really don’t know, but I am kinda… no really fucking pissed at the thought he doesn’t respect Wu as a professional. I really don’t want to make Anna’s day shitty, so I keep quiet. Hancock says some more shit, be available, stay in the cites… blah blah fucking blah. They are going to search the compound and confiscate “class 3 weapons” and esoteric items. I worry a little about Sal’s shit, but unless they are taking me… well let’s not think about it. I ask if they would start in the gym, because I want to use it. They seem to not care and I head out to the gym. Mia and Danielson go with me. I spar with Danielson a little and give Mia some basic starting lessons. I ask the big gorilla if he wants to play and he says “I don’t play”. I respond with “Ah like Agent Cooper then” After about 3 hours they leave. We gather back again and Sal goes more into the situation with Cassidy. She was under some sort of complete influence. We all agree the building mission is a trap. There are two different types of creatures, Upirs (physical damage is best bet) the other is a 2-3 foot insect. Eight legs like a spider but a mosquito type head. There will also be “lost souls”. They will be bound to something similar to the warding stones, but those would act like binding or summing objects.

Danielson is going to do research and as Sal is not available I look over his shoulder looking for any occult stuff. It was designed in the 30s and has been abandoned in the 80s. He finds some blueprints. There have been multiple deaths on site. Natural and other wise. William Jones died during construction. Linda Burg and Jesse Wilks shot buy Linda’s estranged husband Norman Burg. Various drug overdoses and suicide. There was a suspect for a serial killer. Eugene Lynd. He was only suspected and no one knew he lived there until he passed away while living elsewhere. It is believed he killed a lot of women, generally prostitutes. I suggest to Danielson we gather the names of women missing from the area at the time. I ask why we don’t just burn down the building. Anna mentions there might be innocents in there. Homeless or urban explores and others that hadn’t been attacked yet. Sal says it wouldn’t solve the spirit issue and could make it more difficult or impossible to get to the spots and neutralize. And Mia adds that there may be evidence in there as to who exactly is behind the attacks. All good enough on their own for me.

Jack heads down and we fill him in on what has been happening. After that talk turns to eating. Wade heads down and asks if someone mentioned food. We all decide to head out, Applebee’s is mentioned. Not a place I would choose, but whatever, the team is back together and we have something to do. I am disappointed that Anna won’t make it, but I can’t imagine the paperwork and bullshit she has pilling up right now.

We get to the restaurant and order. After a bit there is a commotion. A table of some bros is being loud and one of them actually clotheslines Trevor the waiter. Trevor gets up and goes to get them some beer. They are being a bit loud and swearing a bit. A family leaves in what seems to be a bit of a hurry and I don’t blame them. Trevor notices and excuses himself and goes over. He apologizes to them and they leave. Jack gets up and maneuvers the waiter a bit to be standing in front of me. I am just confused until Jack bolts for the table of ass holes. I roll my eyes. Ask Trevor politely to move as I wonder if this will make TMZ or some other paparazzi bullshit parade. I focus back on the situation as a meaty thud from Jack’s fist makes contact with one ass hats face. I smirk, I can’t help it. This might be a shit storm, but he is doing exactly what I wanted to. My main intent is just make sure Jack doesn’t get surprised by anything. It isn’t long before some idiot grabs a mug and attacks Jack. I work past one douche nozzle and tackle the mug wielding one over the half wall thing and we land on the other side. I go to land a punch but I have no idea how to account for a fucking wall in the way and miss. One of his friends tries to attack me and I roll off the guy as his buddy lands on him. They start getting up and I look at them both and say “You can leave now before the police get here” They don’t hear or don’t give a shit. I notice one get dazed, must be Sal’s magic, I lay into the other one landing a decent three blow combo. His friend heads around the corner. I hear Danielson yell there is a gun. And next thing I know I hear a sickening crack. I know that sound. It is a really fucking bad sound. I hop the half wall and see what I feared. One of the pieces of shit is crumpled on the ground. I drop to check and sure as shit he is in bad shape, on his way to dying. I get him stabilized. There is more commotion, I think one of the fuckers is trying to attack me until Danielson intervenes. I hear a gun shot. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. The guy that went behind the wall. That was so careless of me to not at least call him out to the group. I yell out “Everyone fucking stop, this guy is dying”. I continue to work, I trust this team… well not Jack. Fuck. I don’t trust Jack. What the actual fuck. I see the gun goes flying. I yell, more pleading then commanding, for Sal to grab the gun, and Danielson to keep an eye on the guy. I go tackle the now unarmed gunman and reach down and grab his junk and twist. I don’t get too far before he passes out but I am pretty sure he hears me when I growl “Hope you feel like man now bitch”. I turn at the sounds of more goddamn fists hitting flesh. Jack has.. I don’t know… gone berserk like those dwarves in the fantasy stuff Wu likes. I round the corner as Jack is yelling asking where the other guy is. This is not Jack. This is not right… “GO HOME JACK” I scream. I want to.. I don’t know.. Shake him.. Cry… I don’t know… Shit… fucking shitty fuck.

I come to from a vision in the back seat as we pull up to the restaurant. It takes me a moment or two to collect myself. I am actually shaking a little. I ask Jack to go for a walk. I am prepared to have to talk him into it, but he just says ok. I start telling him the vision. I don’t leave anything out. He just listens, so calmly and he looks… scared. Shit. What the fuck does it mean when Jack fucking Cooper is scared? I am sure I am going to lose it and cry, but I hold it together. I focus on sending a text to the Sal telling him to keep an eye on a table of douche bags. I am trying to remember some descriptions to add, but he comes back with a message saying he is on it. They did do a great job of sticking out. There is a bit of silence and I see the couple with the kid from the vision walking up. I go over to them, not sure what I am going to say, but before I can think I am calmly explaining that there is a group inside getting really rowdy and swearing. The parents look flustered at first, unsure what to make of some strange woman walking up and telling them this. The kid catches my eye and I smile warmly. No fucking clue where that came from, usually it takes a bit of effort not to sneer like some Disney villain at kids, but the smile seems to set them at ease. One of the parents, I forget which now, suggests going to get some fast food instead and the kid cheers and they walk off back to their car.

Jack asks if I would go with him to a bar nearby. Even if I didn’t want to be there for him as a friend, I sure as shit am not going to leave him alone. I have seen some brutal shit happen with fists, even been responsible for some it, but those two in the vision… it was like an animal attack or something. I shiver remembering the vision that had me seeing through the eyes of a werewolf. Savage and powerful. Animalistic. I manage to say “sure” to his question. Not exactly in a happy tone, but at least it seems more neutral then the shaking tremble little girl I feel like now. Oh god, that is it exactly. Jack is still here of course, but I haven’t felt this helpless since the policeman explained to me that my parents where… I shake it off. Again using a text to focus myself. I let the group know we won’t be joining. They should stay and enjoy and I tell them where Jack and I are going. I really don’t want them to follow, I don’t think Jack will be open with the rest of the group around. Maybe Sal, but I really don’t want him to shut down about whatever the fuck he needs to say.

We get to the bar and Jack orders a drink. It’s only the second time I have ever seen him with alcohol. This really isn’t good. Fuck. He starts telling me how he can’t sleep, he is seeing visions. His body is exhausted, but his mind won’t let him sleep. I ask if he has tried sleeping pills or melatonin. I ask if he was seeing the therapist still. He said yes. I ask if Anna knew, she hadn’t mentioned anything, but I don’t tell her everything about Wu either. She does. That is a small relief. I struggle to find a way to ask, I know this is not a subject to take lightly, but I ask if he has considered asking the telepath Hafia help. I think I see a few emotions pass across his face, but he replies something about how he will look into that.

I don’t know if I was still in a haze because of the vision or maybe it was just that my mind was racing with concern, fear, and shock, but this whole conversation holds more like a dream then a memory for me. I am worried, scared… no I am fucking terrified. Jack was.. Well kinda like Superman… at least for me. Things got to him, but he shook it off. Usually making some sort of smart ass remark. Nothing, even the growing amount of “weird shit” in our lives really seemed to make a dent in him. Was it all just being bottled up and now going to fucking explode? I don’t know. I feel so god damn helpless. I don’t fucking know what to do.

What I do know though is that I don’t want Jack in the field right now. I have to make that clear to Anna. I think she will understand, but shit, what if she doesn’t? I don’t want him to go through all the pain and regret he would have if something like that vision actually happened. I know it could break him, shit it nearly broke me in the vision… I am scared. So fucking scared… I just want to run a nice hot shower, curl up in the tub and cry for a while.



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