Dark Matter

The Grant Building part 2

Natalie's Point of View

Jack enters the room and calls out there is something on the floor. Sal steps into the room and I step in next to him acting like a body guard. He does his thing and lighting shoots out of a wall socket and scorches a part of the marks. Sal isn’t sure that did enough and we see some figures coming down from up higher. One chooses me and rakes down my chest, the vest takes the damage. I strike back twice quickly and seems a little shocked. There are some gun shots the thing still seems a little stunned and I slice across it’s mid-section and sever the head as it falls.

Sal and Jack take some shots up at the ones looking down at us. After a second Jack calls out that there are 8 of them up there. They don’t seem to be attacking so we move on. Heading up to the next floor. There is a homeless guy in a closet. Most of his fingers are missing and there is a big gash in his thigh. Looks like a really shitty way to go, but that is why we are here.

We head up another floor and there is a wall made of big picture windows. Danielson fires at the windows and leaves some buck shot embedded in the glass. He says he saw one of the little freaky spy creatures.
Up on the next floor we see one just sort of crawling to us. I whisper for Jack to take a shot and fall into a ready stance in case it charges . Jack fires twice and the little shit is finished. Jack calls out “7” it takes me a second, thinking he is talking about body count, but he is referring to the number left of the ones he saw earlier.

We come across a locked door. Sal asks for the names of the remaining ghosts. I tell him Linda Burg and Jesse Wilks. I start going to pick the lock and the team takes up a defensive posture. We get attacked. I was sure the things would be in the room so it takes me a little longer then I would like to get my shit together. There are gunshots of course and I see one in front of Mia. It is wounded already and not expecting me, I take it’s head in my hand and try to push it through the wall and it falls dead. It seems they are avoiding the sonic device. Mia shuts it off as we search. They are flying up the atrium thing. I think about calling on the blades, but the situation is resolved before I get a chance to manifest them.

We head back to the locked room and I pick the door easily. The door opens and I call out Linda and Jesse’s name again. A woman’s voice from down the hall says she will be there in a minute. We wait a few beats at the door and it seems clear nothing is going to happen. We walk in and look around. It seems like a normal apartment, which is weird in this building. Mia heads down to where the bed room is and I follow. The door is locked and I easily pick this one as well. I open the door and, though covered with a sheet, there is clearly a couple having sex in the room. Mia is clearly excited about this. I just… I don’t even fucking know about her. Sex positive sure, but she is down right perverted to a fairly extreme level. I shut the door and mention it to the rest. Sal says we should look around and motions to the room. I suggest we check around the rest of the place first. Danielson is holding a pan and after a beat a quick flash shows in Sal. He says to set the pan on the table and starts searching again with more purpose and starts making a pile with the pan. Eventually he is happy and lays the pile out in to kinda human-ish forms and has Danielson smash them. The terrible sounds from the bedroom stop. Sal heads to the bedroom and I follow. Just as we reach the door it flies open and a giant beast of a man is in the frame asking if we hid them and to take us to them. He goes to grab Sal and Jack fires… I assume it is the ghost gun because it sounds weird as fuck. Danielson swings the hammer and it is like the thing on the first floor. I finally get a blade out and lunge at the piece of shit. He lands on his back and I have to squat over him instead of straddle him. I punch and see the blade go through his mouth, I expect my knuckles to hit teeth but he dissipates before that. Sal seeks out the anchor for the guy while Danielson keeps it from reforming then destroys them like before. Jack, Sal and I kinda figure out at the same time that who ever set this up had to have been here at some point.

We head up again. We get attacked head up to the eigth floor. I tell the group to stand back and move to see the majority of them. I toss the lighter and will it larger. The fire grows quickly. A few come at me and I back up giving the group the ability to shoot some before they have a chance to get to me. We take care of them easily and move on. In another room we find some tweakers. They ask if it’s safe and Danielson and I escort them to the ground while Sal calls Anna. We get back up and Sal has had time to think and mentions he should be able to summon the little spy creature. We get ready with our guns save for Mia who does whatever she needs for her telekinesis. The thing appears and I am pretty sure my round just went through the hole Jack made, but whatever, the creepy fucker is gone. Hopefully that was the only one. Sal says he got a look at the person watching us through the thing and can describe them later.

We make it up to the 9th floor. Jack mentions the ghost gun is warming up. A woman runs down the hall at us, she looks like she has been attacked. I run down the hall determined to get between her and what the fuck ever did that to her. I run by and she tries to grab me, I manage to not get grabbed and as I call out for a medic to look at the lady hoping it will calm her down. Jack and I both skid to a halt as Mia screams “Get this bitch off me” We both wheel around, I take off as Jack raises his gun and fires. This snaps the woman’s head around… like fucking seriously Poltergeist head of an owl shit. Her skin uh… is melting into Mia. It is a whole new kind of nasty shit. I get there and try to figure out a way to get some damage on her. My blade forms as I decide the head is the best spot. The blade strikes her right in the temple and I twist my wrist before pulling out and her skull pops off. She evaporates.



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