Dark Matter

The Babysitting Begins

Today I spent the morning in Kabul’s International Airport sipping Afghani sweet tea. I was waiting for a flight from Cario with a team from the Hoffmann Institute. They needed a guide for a rescue mission. Strange, since when does an organization that is supposed to be fostering the spread of green energy conduct rescue missions? Usually that’s CIA, FBI, or special forces; not tree hugging organizations. Figuring that, I did some research and lo-and-behold; its not just a rescue mission, but a rescue mission for somebody who knows about extremists with possible WMDs. Awesome, gotta love it when they don’t mention the little details.

After several hours and several cups of tea, the flight from Cario had arrived. Now, normally I don’t accept such babysitting contracts, but the Hoffmann Institute was paying well and had assured that they were experts. Experts all right, expert misfits from LA. They’re not even through customs and they try causing trouble. After I bribed the guard, we came across a blockade. Most likely just a local gang looking to get some bribe money. Ended up plowing through it, cause apparently the experts were getting agitated, instead of just letting me work things out.


Mr. Smith’s naivete’ is cute :)

The Babysitting Begins

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