Dark Matter

Church of Ancient Wisdom part 1

Sal has agreed to teach me the basics about warding in regards to what he is doing around the compound. That should be about as cool as it will be creepy.

The Worthington Estate in Tennessee is becoming dangerous. The research staff has been removed and the house has been quarantined. We will need to go there eventually but there is currently more pressing concerns.

The Warren woods, where we turned into children and fought the witch, is now owned by Hoffman. The witch was dealt with, but the area is still wonky. That is apparently just a relation to the area not from the witch.

Sal is getting a warding stone. They are expensive and he needs a big one. It needs to be secured and it’s a good idea if we keep it on the DL. They are generally acorn to football sized. I mention to Sal amulets would be a good start.

The day after the meeting a single government car pulls in. The security detail gets out and I don’t recognize any of the three of them. I head to the conference room and see Jack sitting at the table. I walk in and head to back and hold up the wall. The team enters and the driver notices the cameras. Takes out his phone and does something that makes him nod and puts it away. Agent Hancock introduces himself and wastes very little time trying to assert some dominance. We are kinda up shit about a group of occult collectors/societies that would probably be the best bet in locating something like that. They often require an artifact as proof of that are of the same mindset. I suggest one of the rat creek here with a tiny paddle. Anna plays nice. I stay quiet. He is kind of a dick. Jack.. frickin’ Jack. He pushes back on Hancock a little and I think I hide a smirk. Hancock does mention it’s beneficial that we are civilians.

He then asks about our recent mission in Milwaukee. I have no intent on saying a damn thing. Jack launches into a very Jack way of describing the mission and Mia chimes in. I notice the stone faced dude in glasses was no doubt eyeballing me as the biggest threat. Which is as flattering as it is accurate. Though I do suppose that depends on if it will come down to gun play. Not that I want that shit by any means. I come close to showing a reaction to that but I manage to keep steady. Jack starts digging in a little with questions. He asking something in the Jack tone about Hancock being the Dad brought in because the Step-Dad wasn’t handling it. He is a little… I don’t know what the fucking word is but he kinda shrugs it off. He does say we can’t “impersonate” Federal Agents. Motherfucker we had the ok from Rausch… anyway.. he says his goodbye and attempts to mention again that he wants a friendly relationship. The guy watching me is last to leave and shit I can’t help but wink at him. Let that fucker know I knew he had an eye on me. It was at least twice as satisfying as I thought it would be. After they have left Anna asks for advice on how to proceed. I say it might be good to think about the kind of relationship we want with Hancock as the face SAD. She asks if I would find out what Wu thinks. I say sure and head out the door. As the phone is ringing and I am almost at my room, I realize that might have been a little… well fucking school girl-ish…. God damn it. And…. voice mail. I uh… well I hope he doesn’t catch how awkward that was. I head back to the room and silently take a seat. They are talking about Chicago.

Danielson is mentioning his research. They don’t have an online presence, only been around for about two years. The founder Brother Ryan, was a professor at a state school and quit. Likely to start the church. I ask Danielson if we could look into what courses he taught and syllabus. He taught world religion and theology, the usual sorts of things. The church owns a large track of land and a fancy apartment in downtown.
Alice Blendel calls and has some endorsement ideas for me. She will send samples for me to try and pick the stuff I like.

Shortly after that Wu calls. He is going to be on probationary period, if it works out he will keep his same position. That is great. It is pretty clear he doesn’t want to talk more on the phone about it so I ask if we are still on for training the next day.

When we are training he finds the time to let me know that he will bend the rules as he can to let us know helpful information. Then we catch dinner and go to a movie.

Before we leave Anna names me as Agent in Charge. I never minded Jack being the boss, but fuck this feels good. Anna gives me a list of spells Sal needs to ask permission. I ask how Jack handled it and find it was after the fact. I am totally fine with that.

The next day at breakfast Sal tells us that Brother Ryan is not the head. There is another then a… something. Sal knows it’s a powerful entity, Outer Dark, Demon… something…. fun. Wade flies us out to Chicago. I suggest we take a look at the land and apartment before we make ourselves known to the group and interview some of his former students before making ourselves. Danielson suggests also talking to the staff.

It gets to the point I need to decide who does what. I put Sal and Danielson on talking to the staff. Jack and Wade check out the acreage and apartment. Mia and I will handle the students. She can chat up the sorority types and I’ll take the outsiders.



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