Dark Matter

Aftermath of Milwaukee

After them agents went and got themselves out of a real pickle with the summoned Rodent Of Unusual Size, Wade was still none too happy. See, he had to go fishing in stuff don’t nobody wanna fish in to get his bow back. He took a right nasty hit from that big creature to keep Natalie from getting blindsided. His bow, Sarah, went flying into the sewer drain river. Guess you could say that sometimes being a gentlemen don’t end up so gentle for the man.

Fact is, that there big ol’ rat nearly killed Wade by drowning him. Natalie pulled him out and managed to get him going again. Right then, he was feelin’ mighty thankful. At least, until the smell set in. That was one pungent trip back home. There ain’t nothing quite like being cooped up in a plane with recycled air after being soaked in sewer water. I reckon the lot of the department 7 agents was real happy to get back to the nearest shower. It took Wade a week of washing to fully get the smell out.

In the time that followed up the mission to Milwaukee, the agents settled in to their daily lives. And you can bet Wade was getting himself into a little trouble. He kept about the Rogers farm, working on a system of rain barrels. He had a mind to make the place self-sustaining. ‘Course anybody looking for him would have to track him down. If he wasn’t working on some project to get the farm off the grid, then he was out blowing up gas cans with flaming arrows, tearing up a dirt road, running through the industrial back lots of Rogers, piecing together an old junk motorcycle frame he found rusting in one of the outbuildings on the property, making his own custom arrows, jumping around like a monkey with ADD through the barn, or trying to sweet talk a farm girl over at Millside Tavern off the Crow River and 116. Never had much success with the last one, though.

“Where the hell is Wade?” was bound to quickly become a catch phrase. Still, when you really needed him, he was right there to lend a hand. He knew the other agents were pretty tight knit. And he also knew from experience that when getting to know folks, it was all about putting your money where your mouth was. Department 7 had given Wade an opportunity he wasn’t about to squander. Even though he felt like a contracted merc, it was nice to be around folks who’d seen and believed the kind of weird stuff Wade believed. Not one person had called him crazy for believing he’d been scooped up by aliens. ‘Course, there was still plenty of time for that.


i can’t help but hear these posts spoken in the voice of Waylon Jennings and picture the General Lee jumping a fence. Then there’s Daisy Duke…

Aftermath of Milwaukee

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