Thanks for checking out my campaign!

Dark Matter was inspired by the d20 Modern supplement of the same name (originally produced for Alternity) and since I wasn’t keen on the d20 system, I went with the New World of Darkness core-book rules.

This campaign has been going strong for six seasons (I run it like a television series with Summer breaks between seasons). I started with two friends playing regular-Joe characters and now run a group of six; playing very experienced/powerful Agents of Department-7.

The influences for this campaign are numerous and I have used/tweaked/modified scenarios and seeds from almost every modern conspiracy horror RPG I could find along with a few of my own creation.

I will be periodically adding material from missions that came before I joined Obsidian Portal, so if you enjoy what’s here check back every so often for that – along with the new season updates and Adventure Logs.

Oh, and hey! Become a fan of this campaign or I will send Agent Bliss to convince you!

Thanks for checking out my campaign!

Dark Matter LoganG