Dark Matter

Just Some Good Ol' Boys, Never Meaning No Harm
Milwaukee's Best

Well now that them boys an’ girls in Department 7 got themselves a case to work, they go on and divide up into teams to cover all the locations where someone keeps leaving human remains. Mighty disturbing the result of these murders. There’s someone off in Milwaukee keeps tearing folks to bits and leaving the scraps where others can find ‘em like a farm cat showing a mouse.

Wade and Mia got pretty excited about taking responsibility for three different investigation sites. So excited that ol’ truck got to rocking, if you know what I mean. That kind of activity makes a man mighty hungry, so Wade knew he’d best get himself a snack from the Taco Bell. It worked out that one of the bodies was found ‘round back of the restaurant.

Though the chalupa he ordered wasn’t terribly satisfying, Wade found a feller there behind the trash can with some information as juicy as a summer ham. Now, he wasn’t the sort of upstanding citizen you could rely on, but he’d seen something of the killer, nonetheless. At least that’s what Wade figured. Though how to explain the killer was a giant raccoon was gonna prove mighty interesting.

Wade called it in and it sure sounded like the other Dep 7 boys were busy. By the sound of Jack gasping into his walkie-talkie, you’d think he was running a marathon. Turned out, they was chasing a scavenger down the train tracks. Jack and Sal were hot on its heels with Sal’s little cat gnawing the arm of that scavenger like a Florida gator.

Now ya might think it’s awful mean to chase a homeless feller out of his cardboard box and halfway crossed Milwaukee. But Jack and Sal had reason aplenty. They’d found a fresh body near the neighborhood of some more colorful locals, got a picture and description of some hippie lookin’ feller who was caught chowing on the bones, and nearly got in a big ol’ brawl before stumbling across the homeless scavenger. And all that doesn’t even mention how ol’ Sal nearly scraped up that fine Italian suit of his. Boy looked slicker than two hogs in mud. Right tae say them two boys was on edge and a little chase was the right kind of medicine to get the blood going.

While Jack and Sal radioed for help, Danielson and Natalie were busy checking on a junkyard to the north. Danielson nearly got caught trying to break in through the front gate by a passerby who quickly turned a blind eye and headed right back where he’d came. Nat wasn’t too happy with Danielson making a run at the lock right there under the street lamp when she’d already found a way in. But round that time Jack’s call came through and there wasn’t uch to do but lend a hand. They were right in line to help out capturing that scavenger for questioning.

Thinking this might be their best lead, just about everyone went to help. Everyone, that is, except Wade. You see, by now, that good country boy had found himself a bar right across the street from the Taco Bell dumpsters where the homeless fella saw a man-sized raccoon chewing on the leavings of its human dinner. If you know anything ‘bout country boys, it’s that they’ll never turn down a good time. And some liquid courage couldn’t hurt before facing up to an ungodly creature, now could it?

When that call for help came through, though, it was right back to business. Wade suggested Mia take the car to intercept while he kept an eye on things at their position. That meant finishing his beer and heading back out on the streets while Mia went all Bo Duke across Milwaukee’s best. Sure enough, Mia caught up to the rest right quick. And Wade? Well, he got himself into a right pickle. Ya see, while he was out looking for trouble, trouble was looking for him.

For a gas, he told the team he was spending a little quality time with a gal who’s real popular with the men-folk. Sure if that didn’t get the whole lot of ‘em steamed. But he followed it up by saying the lady gave him some intelligence about a recent sighting of something scary in the neighborhood and he was checking it out. Good ol’ boys work as hard as they play. And Wade was about to earn his keep.

Investigating a little alley brought him face to face with the biggest, ugliest, smelliest rat he’d ever seen. It wasn’t a raccoon, but it sure looked like what the homeless fella at the Taco Bell described and it’s laugh rightly resembled the woman’s description. This here was a bona-fied were-rat. Now the two of them scrapped it up in that dark alleyway and Wade managed to get it under control. Once unconscious, the strangest thing happened to the giant rodent. It turned back into a man.

It ain’t a pretty sight watching bones break and reset, but that’s what it looked like happened as Wade filmed the transformation on his phone. The rat man was starting to wake up and got mighty angry when Wade claimed a strange runic pendant fro around its neck. He had to make sure he tightened the belt around its wrists and bounced down on its back. He radioed in that Davy Crockett took the Alamo, a fancy code way of saying he’d caught what he reported as the giant raccoon. ‘Course code only works if other folks understand it, and Wade was gonna need to explain this one to the rest of the group.

By now, everyone else had got together and tracked the scavenger to a little building. The paint was fading, the widows boarded up and it smelled mighty foul. Weapons drawn, they headed inside to investigate, hoping to talk to whoever was inside.

While they were designing their approach plan, the folks inside were making their own designs. By the time our good folks of Dep 7 got inside they were already surrounded and a fight was surely coming.

Milwuakee Mauler 2

After deciding on a stake out we start to formulate a plan on how to go about it. Jack takes point on the planning as agent in charge and his background as a cop. Danielson and I get the scrap yard. It’s the fartherst north spot and the most isolated of the body dumps. Jack and Sal go on foot in the middle of the most active area. Wade and Mia will park on the street that seems to be the southern boundary.

After the plan is settled we head to Wal-Mart for some scent masking stuff and I get some things to help blend into the area. Danielson sees what I pick out and mentions it isn’t really on point for the area and helps me swap out choices for better ones. With a little time left to kill we get some dinner before heading out for the stakeout.

Danielson and I scout out the scrap yard. There seems to be a fairly easy access point between two buildings, just a chain link fence to climb. The two story building seems like a decent spot to get a lay of the land. Danielson gets me a boost on my way to the roof and I take a look into the scrap yard. No movement and nothing out of the ordinary. I notice Danielson trying to pick the lock on the main gate. I test out the handsfree walkie talkie set up on our smart phones and ask him if he is sure that is a good idea. He mentions if something goes down it would be nice to get in fast. I can’t argue with that and keep a watch out for people coming. A person comes around the corner, but Danielson notices them about the same time I do. He drops, pretending to tie his shoe, the person sees him and turns around back the other direction. I don’t get a good look at them. Danielson waits a minute or so then goes back at it. I focus more from where the person went to, but keeping an eye out all around. He gets it unlocked, leaving it looked like it’s still locked then does a pretty decent junkie shuffle off to scout more of the area.

Jack checks in, he and Sal got some info. They get a witness with a story of a big white man eating a body. Jack texts a picture he obtained from one of the locals. Sal found another body while Jack was dealing with some locals. They didn’t have a chance to investigate it due to interest in their presence by the same group they got some info from.

Wade texts back that we are looking from a raccoon. Like he knows for sure. Jack asks for more info and Wade responds that a homeless man behind the Taco Bell gave him the info.

Everything is quite for a bit then Sal comes on the radio telling Jack to keep chasing “it”. I ask for direction and heading. Sal say train tracks and headed north. I get off the roof and head to the train tracks. Danielson calls out a spot to get onto the tracks on the radio. Sal updates with approximate size of the “it”, that it jumped a 6 foot fence and some other details. I catch most of it as I keep running full speed to the tracks. I reach it in time to see Danielson duck into a hiding spot. I do the same on the other side of the tracks. Shortly after I get settled I see some lights appear on the tracks. They look like headlights and I get on the radio and ask if it’s Wade. Mia comes back that it’s her.

I keep asking if they are still headed north on the tracks. No response. After a few times, Wade comes back that he is talking to a prostitute. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. The last thing we need is another goddamn nympho on the team that tries to get laid on missions. While I am seething, Wade gets more info on his situation and the prostitute is apparently a witness to something that may be related and he is investigating. Really happy to have a a little longer fuse then I used to.

As my mind clears of anger, panic sets in about Jack and Sal’s safety. I start asking louder for a situation update. The fear making me louder and my voice is catching a bit. When Sal finally responds I almost miss it beacause I am just screaming swear words in my head. The therapist is right. I swear like a god damn fucking sailor and shit when I get nervous… or angry… or… Anyway Sal says that Jack is still in pursuit and as far as he can tell they are still headed north on the tracks. I take off from my spot and head south. After a bit of running I see the SUV turn left and Mia says Jack is out front of a building.

As I get closer I hear the thud of an attempt to bust a door in. I head up to the door and ask Jack if he wants me to pick it. He grunts, kicks the door again and then says yes. I start grabbing my lockpick kit and notice he is bleeding from the nose and an ear, his eyes have burst blood vessels in them too. I ask him if he caught the thing at some point and he says he didn’t. The distraction of worry about him gets me in a nice mental spot and the tumblers click open before I can even think about it. As I test the handle to make sure I did actually unlock it, I ask quietly if he is alright and motion to my nose and ear. He reaches up and looks at the blood. Oddly he is not very surprised or concerned and says “later”. I nod, checking him over once again quickly. I ask for some clairifaction before we enter, Sal said human and jumped a fence… Jack says yep, just catch them. I ask Sal to get in contact with Wade and push the door open.

It appears to be a squatters spot. It’s dark and I grab my flash light. I call out that we just want to talk. We start spreading out. Jack asks if I want to head up the short stairs to the loading dock, I nod and head up, mentioning we just want to talk and that we’ll take them to Taco Bell for some food. I give the all clear relaying on the headset. Jack and Danielson each move deeper and I flank around on the wall. Jack points out a spot. I nod and keep moving along the wall to flank the spot he pointed out. Wade responds that the “Alamo has fallen”… or some shit like that. Sal asks for more info and Wade says he caught one. That is good news. As I move around I finally pinpoint where he was mentioning because I see something rooting around with a tail.

There is a muzzle flash and gunshot from Jack’s location. The one I see looks over in that direction and I pounce. I take it down and land a solid body blow. It seems more surprised then hurt, but skitters back from me. I move up and land two solid blows. It squeals and my satisfaction is quickly ruined by noticing some more moving from the shadows. I take a breath and start deciding between fire or telekenetic knives…

Jack's version

Our case load has been pretty light for the last year. Anna keeps telling me it has something to do with less ‘dark matter" stuff going on in the universe. I don’t know what much if any of that means. All I know is that most of the stuff we’ve been chasing down the last year has been rookie level investigation. I am not complaining. We’re employed and Hoffmann is fine to work for. It almost seems like they are giving us leads just to keep us busy. But none of it has particularly taxing. That’s good and bad. I can’t say that I mind the break. Anna and I got out of town a couple of times just to get away. But I have a hard time taking the ’work" hat off. Sometimes I feel like we may all be going a bit soft.

It was good timing when we got the message that Dr. Nakami was coming to visit. I know this is a big deal and he’s the boss. But to me he’s just a guy. No disrespect intended. It’s just tha he operates on a whole different level from us so it’s hard to relate to him. The only other time I met him he was complimentary. Towards the team. That’s all I want; keep the guys in charge happy by closing cases.

This visit wasn’t much different from the last with regards to him. He showed up, told us we were doing great and we were sort of getting promoted. At least that’s how I took it. The “dark tide” is rising, he says. I guess that means we’ll be busier. Good. But now we going to be some sort of hybrid team. We’ll be doing investigations and handling some special operations. We have a new HQ out is Rogers with 50 acres and a new, empty house. Apparently we have to set it up and requisition all of our equipment. We also have access to a small jet and helicopter. We also have to cover most or all of North America. We better get up to speed fast.

While we were taking all of this in Anna showed up with a new team member. His name is Wade and he’s some sort of survivalist guy who apparently know how to fly. When I heard all of that I have to admit I was picturing Dickie Baldwin Version 2. But Wade seems okay. We asked him a few questions that led me to believe he has most of his shit in one pile. No worse than the rest of us.

We got to see just how well Wade can fly when Anna told us we were flying to Milwaukee to check out a request for assistance from the police department. It came through some back channels as police departments don’t usually contact us directly. The unnerving part came when Sal approached me and said we should be prepared for some for of shape shifters. I don’t know how he knows this stuff. But I have been around him long enough to know he knows stuff and when he says to look out, you look out. It’s like when Nat yells “duck” or ’don’t touch the alien egg sacs in that room". You just do what she says. Sal’s warning meant Nat headed out to see Max Kleinman to rig us out. Which she did well from what I could see. So we headed out to check out the plane and helicopter and jet off to Milwaukee. Wade is very capable as a pilot. But I can’t help remembering the last time we were on a jet this size and it came crashing out of the sky. I was pretty jumpy the entire trip. Looking at Nat I could tell she was probably feeling the same way. Mia was trying to get everyone to relax but mostly it was just annoying me. Not her fault. I just wanted out of there. I was pretty happy when we landed.

We headed out to the police department and met with the lead detective. There have been some strange mutilations at random spots in the city. Sal says it’s either wererats or some type of nasty otherworldly spirit that will kill us all. Great. looks like we are back in business.

We split up into three teams and headed out to conduct surveillance in three different spots. Nothing I have ever heard about Milwaukee was good. I don’t think this trip is going to change that.

Milwaukee Mauler

We are told about a teleconference with Nakomi the next day and the arrival of a new team member Wade Bridges. He has some survival skills and more interestingly a history of alien abduction. I arrive a bit early, but I am not the first there. Anna gathers us in the kitchen and informs us Nakomi will be on-site as opposed to teleconference.

Jack asks if Anna, I, and himself can talk privately. Jack asks about the rest of the teams knowledge of Nakomi’s true nature. Anna confirms my belief that Sal is the only other one in on it. I inquire as to Wade being a problem and Anna shakes it off.

The advance security team arrives and makes the sweep. We get the briefing about interacting with Nakomi. Finally he arrives with more security on hand and the meeting begins. Nakomi outlines that the recent lull in Dark Matter actively has ended and the tide is swelling. They are moving the hybrid teams of investigations and combat operations. Our team will be the lead of North America until regional teams can be assembled. We are also informed our current location will still be active, but we will now be heavyhearted out of Rodgers MN.

We arrive at the new spot. It is a large spread, we are told 50 acres… I don’t really know what that means. City blocks and miles are more my type of measurement. It has a few other buildings. They mention we can layout the place how we want. I want a training area/gym and little clinic area. While I am thinking of this I notice there is a total lack of security on-site. I text Anna about getting in contact with Max Kleinman about getting this place secure.

I give Anna and Wade a quick tour. I mention Jack’s thoughts on an armory, my need for a gym/training area and clinic. Anna mentions there is an institute provided plane and helicopter at an airfield about 16 miles from the new headquarters and asks if we want to go. We all say yes and head over. Wade knows an impressive amount about the helicopter and plane. Comforting as he also claims to be a pilot of both.

It becomes clear that it is intended for us to live, at least most of the time, at the new headquarters. I put in notice at my apartment complex and move in over a few days. After about a week we get a job. Heading out to Milwaukee to consult a Sheriff’s department. They have had some mauled bodies they can’t figure out.

As we get prepped to go Jack mentions we might need to consider shapeshifters. He had just been talking to Saul so I just roll with it That means gear we don’t have on hand and that means Max Klienman. I grab a big backpack and hop on the bike. I get there and after asking for gear he asks were or fey. I am not sure and check in with Jack/Saul. I am advised “not to discriminate”. We are pretty lucky at the gear he has. I peel off two tickets from my free ones for the championship fight. Max is stoked.

150 .45
200 9mm
50 .40
10 30 ought 6
6 cross bow bolts
cold iron war hammer
2 bags. On person and looking for it, can tell true nature of fay. Must be in “arms reach”

We load into the jet and Wade gets us in the air. I hadn’t really considered it, but as the tires leave the runway I start getting a little anxious. The last time I was in a jet… wasn’t pleasant. Saul brings me an ice water. It makes me realize how tense I was. Wade’s landing of the plane is quite smooth and I have to look out the window to make sure.

Driving from the airfield to the station we start to see it’s not the best area of a town that isn’t that great to begin with. Wade and I stay out at the car as the rest go in. He tries making a little small talk, but neither of us are really into it. I am absentmindedly petting Spot as an officer comes up. He looks like he might break his neck rubber necking looks into the car. He keeps asking about illicit materials and such.

I get a text and it’s Jack laying out possible perpetrators. Wererats, demons and some weird dark matter shit. We split up into groups, Danielson and I end up on a team. We stake out different locations.

The Condition Vol. I
Hey, I know that guy!

Dear Diary,

The Condition:

Well, where do I start? This latest investigation has been a heart stopper. Smith (Danielson) was able to work his magic with the computer we got from the apartment of the cul-de-sac leader. We figured he was killed by the demon he brought here and the police were not going to find what we needed to find… well he found the chat messages and traced them through the 2 VPNs (which is supposed to be impossible, I’m told) to the office computer of an apartment complex in Woodbury on Guider Dr by the theater.

Have I ever mentioned how much stakeouts bore me? With the main office in the pool building, this stake out would be easy if the culprit actually used the computer.

The old lady that managed the buildings was dropped as a main suspect on the third evening. A young man in his mid thirties was in the pool until nearly 21:00 when he got out and went into the bathroom. Moments later, Smith registered that the user name that contacted Mr. Cul-de-sac had logged in. Jack left the vehicle and snuck around to apprehend the man when he left. Smith tailed him until the man logged off at 00:15 (if my computer geek days weren’t past me…). Moments later, we see Jack running with a body in his arms.

“Mia!” He shouted, swift even when carrying dead weight, “He poisoned himself! Help him or we lose our only lead.” He set the man down in the boulevard and I laid hands on him preparing for the pain.

Healing only takes a moment, 3-5 seconds tops, but often feels like a lifetime. Physical injuries I heal usually give me a sensation of what the injury felt like for the victim, disease is often a cold sensation throughout my body, and poisons feel like fire from the intake point to as far as it has gotten in the victim’s body, but this was something else… something I’ve felt before.

I watched my hands grow ashen, wrinkled and withered; the skin reaching its limits and peeling away from the flesh underneath bearing thin and frayed tendons. I can only imagine what everyone around me saw before I fell away from the man. I knew what this was and, more importantly, who was behind it.

“Ben!” I shouted, waking myself up. Back at the Institute house in a bed soaked in my own sweat with Sal reading in the corner. Anna and Jack came bursting in through the door. “What happened?”

Jack turned green as Anna said,”You decayed nearly to the bone… you looked… What happened? How did you…”

“I’ve felt this before” I interrupted, “What has happened with the case? The guy I healed, he survived, what did he tell you?”

“We have an address. Danielson is researching it, Nat is gathering equipment. We leave in 15.” Jack said with color returning to his face.

The trip to our target was much like the trip north for Sal’s exorcism, except Sal’s eyes were on me. I guess I have some explaining to do, but that will have to wait.

We reached our destination, an industrial yard with a mechanical consulting company, a lawn mower repair shop and an auto repair shop surrounded by fence and pressed between Phalen blvd and train tracks. Danielson parked the SUV in the gateway blocking it from vehicles trying to escape and jumped out. Jack leapt out of the passenger side as the rest follow out the rear doors.

Jack and Nat took cover and move around to get eyes on the personnel door to the largest building on the property, scanning for snipers and spotters. Sal followed Nat behind the car she was moving around when the door opened and Danielson and I follow Jack as half dozen men come out crouching and holding weapons. They spread out and several fire at us over the hoods and trunks of vehicles.



When I looked right, Nat had moved around a car and had one man’s head moving like a bobble head doll as she moved around him and flung the man at the two only a few feet away. As they struggle to pull their long guns free of the tangled limbs she pounced.

Shots from my left pull my attention; Jack fired a hail of lead at 2 guys behind a car and one opponent’s head canoed. The last man fired and caught Jack in the left shoulder, but that didn’t faze the large man and Agent Cooper put a bullet in his chest.

I peeked around the front of the vehicle only to find myself face to face with an armed man. A fast man with a long gun at ready is slower than a slow girl with a pistol at ready… at least it was this time. I shot low and the bullet plowed through his inner thigh and blood spurting with the pace of a racing heart. He raised the gun for a moment before his eyes lost focus and he finally dropped (some day’s I am so lucky).

I came around the corner to find two bleeding and unconscious men under the feet of Miss Bliss and a man buried to his chin in the dirt with a look of terror on his face as Sal stepped over him.

We regrouped by the personnel door where I noticed Jack’s wound, but he shrugged me off. Danielson opened the door and Jack lead through followed by Nat, myself, Sal and Danielson.

The eerie light coming from the office flooded the main room with a light that was hemmed in darkness beyond what the eye can see. The cars, tools and tool boxes caused shadows that didn’t seem to be anchored to the items that created them. No people were to be seen, but the hairs on Jack’s neck were visibly standing on end.

Quickly, we squatted in the shadow of a minivan. Jack waved his hands and pointing around and Nat and Danielson quickly nodded. Jack and Nat sprinted off along the garage doors in different directions while Sal and I looked at each other in confusion. Sal moved to follow Nat but Danielson grabbed his shoulder and motioned for us to stay put. A few moments later, Nat returned soon followed by Jack.

“No one’s around,” Nat’s voice still sultry in a whisper (She is so hot, but cold to the touch).

“Office?” asked Sal as his sweet breath washed past me.

“I’ll lead,” said Jack as he started to move.

We stayed crouched as we moved towards the office door. The windows, white with blinding light, did not afford a view into the office, but we didn’t know what might be looking out at us. Once at the door, Nat gently tested the lock to find it open and looked at Jack, who shimmied into position. The door flew open and we poured through stumbling on the unexpected terrain.

The heavy, steamy air hit our lungs as the ankle deep water of a swamp soaked into our shoes and boots. The muck under the water slowly gave way under our weight and we sank several inches. Above, the grey sky poked through the moss covered tree limbs. Nothing looked alive.

“Keep the door open!” coughed Sal, “We won’t find it if it closes.”

Danielson lunged for the door, slipped his fingers in just before the door closed and we all heard the thud and grunt as the door stopped against his fingers and the frame. A tree limb was broken off with a hollow, rotten sound and wedged under the door.

Peeking through the moss, we saw what may be a path cut out of the moss hanging from above. Jack made a signal like patting a dog with a flat palm and started moving slowly forward. 20 feet forward the land started to rise and another 40 before we were on what might have been dry ground. Ahead, a clearing could be seen through the mossy growth.

A man stood on a block of stone shouting, but his voice sounded miles away. We closed to just outside the clearing, when we saw the bodies. The blood from the ritual suicides was still draining from the bodies and pulsed with the words of the man chanting and gesturing on top of the stone; gathering into legs and formed up to just past the inverted knees.

“He’s summoning a demon,” whispered Sal, “I think I can counter his casting.” He stepped out into the clearing, waving his hands and speaking his magic tongue.

“If we have to shoot him, aim for his chest,” I said. I got nods from those still with me as we moved out from cover with weapons drawn. Nat went wide to flank as Jack, Danielson and I moved up to cover Sal as he worked.

The man on the stone opened his eyes as the counter magic took effect. Without skipping a beat, a flourish of the man’s hand produced a handgun.

I stepped in front of Sal as the lead flew. The man only fired once before rose buds of blood sprouted from his chest. The round found my flesh yielding but my ribs deflected it from its intended target. My body will, eventually, pass the lead as it has in the past, but the impact shock wave passing through my organs and pierced lung dropped me to my knees. As I fell forward to the ground I focused on the pain.

When I lifted my head, Sal was five steps in front of me glaring at the legs which were melting back into the puddle and Jack, Nat and Danielson were standing around the man. I got up, grabbed my 9mm, and joined them by the man.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

I shot him in the chest, startling my team.


Bam! Bam!

Nat grabbed me, disarming me, and threw me to the ground.

“Hold her, Nat,” said Jack as he shifted his stance to cover me with his firearms. “What the hell are you doing, Mia?!?”

“Oh, he’ll be fine! I wouldn’t kill my own son!” I knew I should have told them more, but secrets are hard to tell when you have kept them as long as I have. “You might want to shoot him again, he might be healing and he’s less dangerous to move if he isn’t awake. Oh, and don’t touch his skin, he might be poisonous and that direct of a dose… well, just don’t touch him.”

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

“His eyes fluttered!” screamed Danielson dropping an empty magazine to the ground and slamming another into the side arm.

“We gotta go!” Sal’s voice was a combination of concern and fear. “Whatever he was calling is on this plain and is looking for us. I don’t know how close it is but it knows where we are!”

Jack grabbed my son in a fireman’s carry and we ran.

As the office door slammed shut, the blinding light flickered and went out leaving only the EXIT lights to guide us out.

The interrogation of my son, Benedict or Jason as he was calling himself, didn’t go great. He was less than forthcoming with details but what was clear is that the structure of the organization was build to defeat this exact situation. Fortunately, a mother’s glare can pry where no man’s threats and promises can find, given enough time.

My eldest son, Paul, was found to be the best fit to punish Ben for his crimes, with over watch provided by the Hoffmann Institute.



I’m not sure I like Gemma. Don’t get me wrong, she’s on the right side. I just don’t care much for her. But we need her to clean up Sal’s little issue with some demon riding him. I don’t really know what any of that means specifically but I get the gist: it’s not good. Eventually Sal will kill us all if we don’t do something. So we’ll hold our noses and do what Gemma says.

We pile into a couple of cars and head up to some “safehouse” that Smith has up north a few hours. When we get there he picks the lock because he says he doesn’t like to carry keys. I am starting to think some family is going to walk in on us. Smith is a weird dude. The place isn’t big but it’s isolated so I’ll take it. We get in and get to business tying Sal to a bed. Gemma gives everyone instructions as to what we’re supposed to do. My job is pretty much to help Rolo keep everything locked down. Simple and straightforward. I can do that. Then Sal tells me that my other job is to kill him if this goes south. Mya says not to worry because she will try to bring him back if I do. I let her know, more for Sal’s peace of mind than anything else that If I put him down he’s not going to be salvageable. His head with look like a canoe. I really don’t want to do that but if it’s gonna happen I won’t try to finesse it. The whole thing makes me feel a little sick to my stomach. If anyone would have told me five years ago that I’d be in this place with these people doing this stuff I would have laughed and shoved your ID back in your pocket. “We don’t serve drunks”, would probably be what I’d say.

I don’t know what happened, to be honest. Between Sal’s corrosive spit and the maggots and flies coming out of his mouth I don’t remember much. I remember helping Rolo hold the bed down as it tried to come up off the floor. And by that I mean actually coming off the floor and trying to fly off. I remember some black shit coming out of Sal’s mouth that sent me and Rolo heading for the door. I barely kept my mud down. Rolo wasn’t as lucky. That poor bastard has been through a lot the last few days. I remember Sal almost choking to death on something. I know there was one point that I thought the look n Gemma’s face may have meant this was all going bad. All I know was when it was done everyone was pretty well spent.

But to make matters worse Janowicz showed up in the middle of it pounding on the door. He and Burke tailed us up here and we missed it. I should have seen them but I don’t. Anyway, that fatass tells us we’re going to be arrested if we don’t comply with him right now. He’s starting to lose it to the point where he showed his true colors. He told Burke to go around the house and find a broken window so that could do a search. He didn’t have a warrant and he was off the reservation on this one. He knew I knew it and so did Burke. I give her credit because she kept it civil. I was doing a pretty good job of putting up with his shit. But at one point I think he was trying to get me to make a move on him by initiating contact. That didn’t work. But he’s a crooked cop. Not much more I hate than crooked cops. I don’t think he’ll be a problem for us anytime soon. I told Burke if she took him back to Minneapolis I’d bring whomever she wanted to interview when we got back from our vacation. Thinking about all of the ways that encounter could have gone I think it worked out for the best.

Dear Diary, The Exorcism went... well?
Saving a beautiful man with an uber *****

Dear Diary,

Wow, Okay. So, two nights ago, Sal was possessed by that demon who was killing the college kids in the cul-de-sac house. He was well aware of what he was doing and was banking on Gemma and myself to save him. Well, who knew it would be all that interesting!

So, Gemma and her crew come over the next night and speaks to Sal about the necessity of cutting his ties to his “benefactor” and Spot which, to everyone’s surprise, he does! Then, in her special brand of high and almighty, suggests (demands) that we do this elsewhere as the institute house is full of bad stuff. (This is mostly paraphrased as I was enjoying a guilty pleasure.)

Smith Danielson (I don’t remember which it is anymore) volunteer’s a safe house up north a ways. God’s right hand says it is perfect with few neighbors less than a few miles away any screams or other noises will be unlikely to draw attention. So, after Rollo (one of Gamma’s crew) cleans his shorts and gets himself decent, we head out.

We get to the cabin and Smith picks the lock to the front door (yeah, that’s what we were thinking). He proves it is his by producing a couple passports with his pictures and several rolls of $20’s nearing several grand.

We check the place out to find a suitable room to excise the demon. A bed with wrought iron head and foot boards was found in a bedroom and the firmness was not tested by me in front of Rollo. It would have wrecked him, but the thought did cross my mind…;)

We emptied the room of the rest of the furniture and zip tied Sal down. Gemma told us not to do anything without her say-so, with her eyes on me I suspected it was critical that I not do my healing unless she directs.

Then the exorcism began. I couldn’t tell you everything that happened, nor would I want to. There were screams, blood, crap, flies and maggots, ickor, burning spittle and Rollo blowing chunks… Yeah, Sal may be a smooth talking pretty spark and I may not be living a celibate life but, after this ordeal, he will not be sharing my bed.

An interesting point of fact, at some point there was a knock at the door of this cabin. Seems Janowitz cowed his partner into tailing us into the great north because we were as likely to be planning on killing someone as going for a calming vacation. Fortunately, Jack was there to antagonize the old cop into looking the fool in front of his partner. They left not having been present for the screams or smelling the bouquet of vomit, blood, demon crap and everything else we were basking in.

We (Smith) cleaned up while Jack and I made Gemma’s crew uncomfortable… Ok, I lay down, still feeling the pains of what I took from Sal. We stayed the night and left for Minneapolis in the morning.

As I told Gemma before, Sal is worth trying to save. Whether he is saved from the demons he follows is mostly up to him, but I will be there until the end. He is worth saving.

Exorcism: The remake
Part 1

After Salazar toke the demon into himself, Jack appeared around the side of the house. Apparently Jack toke care of the cops with a couple blows to the side of the head. Crude, but effective.

We evacuated the survivors, a bunch of kids, and set the place ablaze. It would buy us time, but eventually forensics will figure out what happened to the people inside and rule their deaths a homicide.

We get the survivors back to the Hoffman institute and Gemma with her group joined us. Natalie got Gemma a replacement shirt, since her’s was shredded by the demon. Seemed like a good indication that things might be smoothed over, and past history could be looked over, but I was wrong. Shortly after, there was a disagreement when Gemma stated her opinion on Salazar’s condition. Jack and Natalie were upset and offended of her opinion on Sal. So offended, that Natalie threw them out of the institute. Why Anna just let her, I don’t understand.

In order to try and salvage Sal’s best hope, Mia and I escorted Gemma’s group out. I managed to convince her to help Sal on the way out. Though, I feel I just put my self on the hook to be in harms way in this exorcism, which is fine. Bring it you invisible piece of shit.

After wards, we begin debriefing the kids. Seems a few of them were in denial, completely blocking out the incident, which is for the best. The few who did remember, Jack firmly emphasized the importance of keeping his mouth shut. I then cloned every ones cell phone, and once we sure we had kids taken care of, Jack and I went to Ethan’s apartment.

Jack wanted to steal the entire laptop, which is naive. What that does is, cause the police to ask around, check any camera feeds, question people etc. and that just really increases the chances of being discovered. By leaving the computer, and wiping the info and replacing it with other is better, because their going to find the laptop, nothing stolen so no need to any outside investigation of the site.

Jack kept going on about how the police might be able to recover the data. That’s a urban legend because once the data is wiped its gone. Most people only delete the file directly, which tells the computer that space of the hard-drive is available for use. The data is still there, and can be recovered if you recover it before computer writes over it. However, I tell the computer to format that section of the hard drive, which wipes it. The closest technology to recovering data over written is a magnetic force micro scope, and that. Well, lets say we won’t be getting any info from that in this life time.

Cul-de-sac of Terror - Session 2

I drag Jemma out of the house and start getting her first aid. It’s not going to be enough… I keep going because.. … Mia arrives at the scene and lays hands on Jemma, I am about to tell her not to bother, I don’t think she could do her thing without so serious repricosusiions but she lets out a pained gasp just before Jemma begins sputtering can coughing. I stare at Mia quite fucking shocked and notice she has gone pale and weak. I grab her arm to balance her and sit her down. Even a glance at Jemma tells me she has some serious staying power on her own but will need help shaking off. I watch Mia for.. I don’t fucking know… shock? Concussion symptoms… She goes loopy for a bit, unable to focus.. kinda punch drunk really. But starts to shake it off. Jemma’s large friend comes over and starts stammering.. which is understandable that was near a god damn miracle.

I head back to the house and from the doorway hear Jack talking in his cop voice. I call out and he tells me to enter. I head in and immediately head to the kitchen searching for a fire extinguisher or something to spread to see if we can track it’s movement. I strike out and head to the garage. I notice there are no stains from a car and the garage is relatively clean. I head in and open the garage door on the way. I go to the girl I saw on the way out and tell her to head out with me. We start moving and as she speaks and some weird.. smokey.. water? Freaky shit starts forming into a demon with no eyes or nose and rows of dangerous spikey teeth. It slashes out and I move around the girl taking a crack center mass. It wasn’t a K.O. Hit but should have felt like a solid hit. The girl slumps to the floor I glance at her but stay on alert not knowing what this things style is. Danielson, Mia and Jack move over to the area. Danielson asks what happened, but I don’t trust myself to speak trying not to focus on how I may have just gotten the girl killed. They group starts mentioning information on how the thing attacks with movement or sound. Most of it I have figured out but I do pick up a little more information. Jack starts investigating the scene and brings me some damp crumpled papers. I read what is a letter addressed to Aiden from a group or person going by “The Condition”. It promises true power after summoning a “denzian of the Outer Black” However I don’t get most of that info until I am reading it again over Jemma’s shoulder. She had recovered enough and Sal was still casting.. I shove the papers at her stammering asking what kind of demon it is. She tells me it’s a Slayer demon and I tell Sal. He motions he got it and then I read of the name of demon to him since the did the deal where they spell it out how you are supposed to pronounce it.

As I reach to call Anna I have a vision. Sal finishes the.. whatever he is doing and starts talking… then gets… lifted off the ground as his insides land on ground.

As I return from the vision I yell for everyone to be quiet and run to Sal. My first intention is to tackle the thing, but as I reach the point to pounce I remember it gutting… Sal.. I end up stopping in front of Sal tensing as it sounds like he is wrapping up the spell or binding.. whatever..

I get an odd sensation but trying my best I don’t see the thing. I get sort of frantic and panic and as my eyes start darting I notice the figure appearing out the of the corner of my vision. I relax a bit and figure out how to keep a better watch. Seconds seem like hours as I try not to move or make a sound. The sounds of sirens in the distance raise my heart rate and I get thrown into near panic again seeing patrol cops gutted and wondering if we would survive…

A calm cuts through me as I realize, form what Jemma and Sal have found important, that the cops won’t count in the deal and be safe unless they try to hinder the demon or us. My eyes close a second in releif and I hope the rest figure that out too. I tense more as the tree tops show the lights flashing.. but the creature continues as he has. Inches from me… I focus on staying ready… alert.

The officers get out and start off all business. Luckily we all stay perfectly still. After a little bit of us not moving they start assuming it’s performance art or some shit. Which is fine by me. Thanks to the fed training I am little better prepped to handle this.. though not moving is interesting. Of the two one of them happens to recognize me.. but not quite. She is getting enough that I play up the idea of not really saying what is going on.. but try with just my eye movement. It was either this or have them get closer to making contact and who knows what will set this fucking beast off. I get her beleiving there may be cameras, which is great since it reduces the odds of them going all.. well.. bad cop on us. Also likely their only chance to live. The other finally decides to go to the door.. he knocks and jiggles the handle, but luckily Jack didn’t kick the thing in and remembered to shut and lock it so the mess behind the door stays hidden. Eventually he goes back there and after the cop tries outsmarting me on search and seizure compliance (I just shut my eyes, thank god that worked) She realized it had been a while and investigated. I resumed only being scared shirtless by the demon in my face rather than watching that officer die a sudden and horrible death then avoiding the same myself.

The silence is broken by the sudden crash of the basketball hope flying into the cop car… luckily the demon is non-pulsed and either has been or started talking to Sal.

The bad news is Sal decided to resolve all this by taking the demon as a possession. I ask Jemma if she will help, and she will, but she is not shy about her disgust. I finally make the call to Anna and we get started on clean up. I don’t know what to do about Sal. I just know he will no longer be trusted when at my back.

Cul-de-sac of Terror - Session 1
March 20th part 2

As we pull into the area it’s clear it’s a newer development and mostly empty. There is a white panel van parked at one house and another house has lights one. Mia and Jack call out that there is someone around the house with the lights on and someone in the panel van.

As we exit the SUV the guy gets out of the van. He starts talking about how he is on the phone with 911 and we should stay away from the house. Sal starts to talk to him. Jack heads off to the house.

As I turn to follow Jack I notice some quick movement from behind me and turn to see the man from the van has Mia in a grip. I draw my pistol and tell him to let go of Agent Morietti. He stays holding on while Joe also tells him to let go. This happens again as he mentions something about knowing what is going on in the house. I holster my weapon and move toward him telling him if he knows what is going on we should work together. I get him to start talking to Sal and he mentions a woman named Jemma is in there. The situation is back under control and I know Jack will not be waiting for me so I head to the house.

The front door which is locked. It was a good choice for Jack to go around as I can handle the main entrance with a bit more stealth.


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