Wade Bridges



“Band-Aid” Wade Bridges got his start in a backwoods community of off-gridder, militia types. He learned to hunt, track, shoot, drive, and blow $#!T up from a number of disgruntled independents.

Wade could never sit still. He liked tearing off through fields on dirt-bikes and atvs. He took up skydiving in his early teens. He got his kicks getting dirty and getting into trouble. He got a scar above his right eye from a bar fight when a bouncer questioned his fake ID.

His nickname from a childhood filled with cuts, scrapes, and the occasional broken bone. He earned his nickname after climbing a pine tree when he was 6 and attempting to fly. He hit every branch on the way down. After getting back from the doctor, he had a dislocated shoulder, broken arm, and band-aids covering his whole body.

In recent years he moved from the boonies to the twin cities.

Wade Bridges

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