Nikolai Kudryavtsev

Everything goes better with larceny.


Ex con with a penchant for stealing shit. Likes to plan and participate in big-item heists, but isn’t above simple shoplifting.

Mid 30’s, average height with a slim build, dark brown hair, and sports a beard with mustache. Wears aviator sunglasses; even at night, cargo pants for their utility, and sneakers for sneaking.

Prefers to avoid combat but learned to handle a knife in prison and has been known to stab a bitch (though only bad-guys…mostly).

Enjoys fast-talking his way out of a tight spot and likes to believe that he has an intuitive ability to detect other’s bullshit.


Worked with the Twin-Cities Branch of the Hoffmann Institute on a couple of occasions as a liaison to Watch Tower in Chicago.
Nick is keen to partner again with the Department-7 agents of the Minneapolis branch (whom he refers to as the Hoffies), and has rigged a direct-line to his phone in Dickey Baldwin’s car (a button on the rear-view mirror labeled: NICKSTAR).

Nikolai Kudryavtsev

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