Natalie Bliss

Veteran Agent of Department-7


An Agent of the Twin-Cities Branch of the Hoffmann Institute with documented precognitive visions and high-level pyrokinetic abilities. Suspected to also have a type of biokinetic and/or psionic attack which seems to function like an invisible blade.

An accomplished professional mixed martial artist, Natalie is graceful muscle. Her style is best described as “rocker chick”.

Character Inspiration:

The Kills – ‘No Wow’


Natalie was born on a military base 8 months after her parents were married. Despite the shotgun nature of the wedding, her early years were spent happily with her loving parents. She was very much a Daddy’s girl and excelled in sports with a particular affinity for martial arts.

Tragedy struck in early adolescence when her parents died in a two car crash. The passenger in the other car died as well. Toxicity reports indicated her father was driving drunk. Natalie has never had a sip of alcohol. She is not offended by it’s presence and does not look down on anyone for consuming it. She is a little uncomfortable around the incredibly intoxicated.

With no living relatives able to care for her she spent the next few years in foster care. This was rocky at first as she was angry and acted out. Bouncing from home to home she eventually ends up living with a family that has a girl a few years younger than Natalie. Stacy immediately became Natalie’s shadow. At first annoyed, Natalie soon decided to be a good influence for the younger girl. She stopped acting out, and was doing well in school. Towards the end of her junior year of high school Natalie came home early from work to find a neighborhood boy assaulting Stacy. The boy ended up with a broken nose and Natalie ended up an emancipated miner.

After graduating high school Natalie replaced school with the gym and was in the process of obtaining a personal trainer licensee when she is… recruited by Hoffman.

The fear of killing any “innocent” people coupled with a life-long love affair with martial arts leads her to be slow to violence in general and would really prefer to leave her gun in the holster.

Over time and continuing to cross paths, Charles Wu and Natalie have started dating.

When fighting this is her entrance music:

Natalie Bliss

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