Dr. Itohiro Nakami

Director of the Hoffmann Institute


A slight Japanese man in his late 50’s – early 60’s. Wears quality 3-piece suits and carries himself with a confident, although reserved manner.
Nakami’s team of trusted agents are always nearby to act as security whenever he travels from the main office.


Dr. Itohiro Nakami; Director of the Hoffmann Institute and grandson of the man who helped Thomas Hoffmann found the institute in 1917, who was also named Itohiro Nakami.
Dr. Nakami theorizes that any species capable of controlling Dark Matter might one day command one of the great forces of the universe, and he fears that if humanity fails to master dark matter, it will inevitably be overrun by other species that can.
Dr. Nakami is known to take a personal interest in the affairs of Department-7, which specializes in the hands-on investigation of paranormal cases.

Dr. Itohiro Nakami

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