Max Kleinman

Security Consultant for ASAP Services.


26 years old
Max is physically fit and nimble at four-and-a-half feet tall.
He is confident and outspoken. A professional in his conduct, though sometimes he will act the part of court jester to diffuse a tense situation; even to the point of self-debasement.


Born into a family of Police Officers, Max learned how to be a cop even though his diminutive stature precluded him from joining the academy. He learned by proxy as he helped his two brothers study and train to join the force.
After high school Max went to Technical College for computer programing and repair. To help pay for his schooling, Max signed on to a midget wrestling league only to learn that the pay was terrible and the other miniature wrestlers supplemented their income by hiring themselves out to bars and parties.
Max spent some months allowing himself to be degraded and humiliated before he reached his breaking point and kicked the shit out of a drunken bully at a dwarf-tossing event. The owner of the bar that held the event offered Max a job as a bouncer. Max found some measure of respect at his new job even though he knew that the man who hired him did it mostly as a publicity stunt. When he finished Technical College Max took a job in sales at a security and surveillance product store in Saint Paul. After a few months Max proposed that the business expand by offering a security consulting service that he would head up. The owner agreed and sent Max to various Security conventions and seminars to expand his credentials.
Max is currently working as the head of Security Sales & Consulting for ASAP Services in Saint Paul.

Max Kleinman

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