Joe Danielson

Agent of Department-7


An Agent of the Twin-Cities Branch of the Hoffmann Institute.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel/Grey
Height: 5’9"
Build: Medium
Age: 32


I grew up in the lovely city of Minneapolis with my mom. Dad, who knows about him. Ran off before I was born, so screw him. I grew up on the usless public schooling like every one else, though I guess I had the advantage of a mother who actually cared. Which is a good thing, as I learn from young age I was good with numbers. And when I say good with numbers, I mean complicated arthimitic numbers like (300+216)x321+281/11=15083.36363636364 in my head in the snap of a finger.

I guess thats why I was drawn to computers and programing. It was an outlet and challenge for me. At the age of 10, I was hacking into MMO’s like WOW, Guild Wars, etc. and reprograming the client and affecting the servor. This natural skill attracted the attention of the CIA, and as soon as they were legally able. They recruited me and sent me to school to get a masters in Computer sciences.

Once I graduated at age 20, I was hacking into foreign companies, terriost organizations, and other targets the CIA wanted. They also started sending me on field operations to support high payoff missions. Now I wasn’t the guy busting down the doors, or leading the assualts. I was the guy in the van, a mile or two away. Cordinating the mission, hacking security systems, and occasionaly bailing my team out when shit went to hell. So, I’ve seen a few fire fights, and know how to handle a knife and sub machine gun but don’t expect me to point man.

So this bring up the final question. Why am I still not with the CIA? On one of my missions, things with Fubar. Like ass shit fubar where all my teamates got killed and I’m the only survior. They were concerned about my mental health, and placed me on “Reserve Statues”. I spent a year, doing mundane desk paper work before I couldn’t handle it any more and gave my resgination.

Since then, I’ve work with BlackWater, Armor Group, and other contract sercurity forces. And one day I’ll figure out what happened to my team.

Joe Danielson

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