Jesse McCallister

Atypical Vampire


A vampire with psychological issues, Jesse has a seemingly supernatural ability to find people and has demonstrated this ability for Department-7 Agents.
He has no memory of his ‘embrace’ and seems to forget at times that he is no longer human.
His vampiric conversion must have been recent as he is still known to be the ‘black sheep’ son of the politically active McCallister family out of Chicago.
Jesse was under the supervision of a family retainer named Gordon who knew of Jesse’s condition and kept him from harming himself. Gordon was murdered in the course of a Twin-Cities Department-7 investigation initiated on Jesse McCallister’s request.
It is unclear if members of his family know that he is a vampire.

Jesse is now under Institute supervision and care in the hopes that he may be of use to Institute researchers in learning more about the vampiric condition and for instances when his inherent abilities may be of use in Department-7 investigations.


Jesse McCallister

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