Detective Janowitz

Minneapolis Police Senior Detective


Old, fat, bald, and cranky. Wears cheap suits while sporting an impressive mustache.


Detective Janowitz labored in the Minneapolis 3rd precinct for years as a patrol cop until finally becoming Detective, only to serve his time without distinction; looking forward to his retirement pension.
Janowitz’s plans to ride out his final years with as little excitement as possible were dashed when the Hoffmann Institute opened a branch in his back yard. Since then he has had numerous confrontations with Agents from the Twin-Cities Branch of the Institute in which he was either made a fool of or had his authority usurped in the course of investigations centered on the Hoffmann Institute.
Janowits knows that there’s something fishy about the Institute but lacks the motivation to do anything about it other than temporarily make life difficult for Agents who end up on the wrong side of the Law.

Detective Janowitz

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