Jack Cooper

Veteran Agent of Department-7


Smells of gun-oil and warm milk…because chicks dig it.

An Agent of the Twin-Cities Branch of the Hoffmann Institute, Jack is a former cop and Hoffman’s resident supernatural cynic. Where some members of the organization see the supernatural, he sees an easy and usually mundane explanation. The motivations of Hoffmann are what he considers above his pay grade. But his strong sense of right and wrong help him feel better about what the organization may be doing. The missions Jack has been given have never conflicted with his ethics and in many cases support what he believes. Despite what he has done for Hoffmann he sleeps relatively well at night. Straightforward and priding himself on honesty, Jack has sometimes found himself at odds with the plans of his team and organization. The truth is that he abhors inaction in the face of danger or crisis. Jack prefers to defer to “smart people” when confronted with complex situations. But when bullets start flying he never hesitates to take action. He is aware of his anger issues and has tried to come to grips with the fact that the actions he takes when angry generally aren’t the best plan. To this end he has tried many methods to calm down and be more deliberate. Some means to this end have been successful. Others…not as much.

Jack feels a responsibility to his team members. Natalie has proven herself to him over time and he considers her a close friend. She often does unpredictable things but her history of reliability has led Jack to trust her almost without exception. Sal has shown a strong team loyalty and usefulness. Despite Jack’s early inclination to want to punch Sal into unconsciousness he has come around to believe in him as a team member.


Jack Cooper

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