powerful telepath


A very thin woman who’s age is hard to pin down. She has limp, thin hair and pale skin.
Haifa wears simple clothes that seem to burden her with their weight and prefers to stick to the shadows as she doesn’t like harsh light.
Her voice is quiet, almost a whisper.


Haifa’s past is a well-kept secret. Only the top tier members of the Hoffmann Institute are privy to her status within the Institute as well as her place of residence.
Rumors abound that she has helped to develop one of the Institute’s recruitment scenarios involving a supernatural encounter. The scenario takes place partially in the subject’s mind in order for Institute recruiters to safely assess the subject’s ability to cope with it. This scenario is presented to a potential recruit only if they haven’t already encountered a supernatural threat prior to Institute contact.

She has had numerous supervised dealings with Department-7 Agents as a memory recovery expert and even helped thwart Jack Thorn‘s attempt to use her to ’mind rape’ Jack Cooper in order to secure Agent Coopers allegiance to him when he briefly took control of the Twin-Cities branch of the Hoffmann Institute.

" I may be able to recover your lost memories, but I must warn you that the process is very invasive – not dangerous, just…intimate."
You must be willing to accept that I will know what you know. There is no filter; no secrets. If you have something to hide, I can’t help but find out. I have to get past those thoughts to recover repressed memories, and contrary to common belief; secrets are the loudest, most insistent voices."


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