Dickey Baldwin

I'm sorry. I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.


Exreets an aggressive aroma of bravado and desperation. Old Spice bottled the scent and is currently making millions. BeFunky_shotgun-man.jpg.jpg


An Agent of the Twin-Cities Branch of the Hoffmann Institute.

A former Operator for Blackwater turned motion picture stunt coordinator. The Hoffmann Institute recruited him after former Agent Luke Sterling recommended him.

Dickey is a danger-junky and can be impulsive which led to him injecting nanites into his system that he received from an anonymous source (the vial of nanite solution was labeled; ‘expired’). The nanites seem to be the same technology the Etoile use to infect humans, turning them into Sand Slaves. (Why Dickey retains his free will is a mystery. – Mystery solved. He retains his free will because of pure badassery.) The nanites allow Dickey to perform at a higher level for short periods; doubling his speed and reflexes and accelerating the healing process after which he has to consume high calorie foods.

Dickey had a pet dog his team rescued from a lab that had been conducting experiments on it. It was highly intelligent and protective of him before Dickey’s nanite infection, after which point the dog viciously attacked him and had to be given to Institute handlers.

Dickey has an unhealthy obsession with a shotgun he named ‘Shottie’, and rarely misses an opportunity to use it; either for show (he can work it like a band-leader works a baton) or for its intended purpose.

Dickey Baldwin

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