Dark Matter

The Grant Building

Natalie's Point of View

The next day I find Anna and tell her I am not comfortable with Jack being in the field right now. She agrees, but suggests that in the case of the Grant building the positives of him being there out way the negatives. I want to argue, she didn’t see him in the vision, but from all we know about this mission I think she is right.

Sal does some more research and finds a group of “hunters” that go after the supernatural shit. I would call them idiots, but well that is what I do. They have some sort of list of the shit they have killed. The crawling creatures are referred to as Alleycrawlers. They seem to be careful about their prey and are very stealthy. They are able to cling to walls and ceilings. They are dull black or brown and might have a mix. They are 2-3 feet in length. As for the Upir they have pretty much the same weakness as vampires. They are a little less bothered by light it seems, but might be effective.
I gather a list of items everyone wants and head over the ASAP to visit Max with Danielson. Max asks if I know when my next fight is. He has a group of friends that want to buy a table. I tell him I am not sure but I will let him know as soon as I do.

We get geared up and head out around dusk. We enter from the front door. I am ready to just start clearing the building but Jack mentions just going to the top floor. Danielson mentions that something like that might get us trapped. Sal then mentions that we are supposed to clear innocents from the building. Jack yells out if there is anyone here. I draw the Sig. This bitch is heavy. I call out “William Jones”. There is a loud metallic bang from the restaurant. We head over. The ghost gun starts to glow. There is a figure in a heavy coat at a booth. It doesn’t respond to any of the names. We are all surprised by a loud chattering of teeth behind us. There is a large… fucked up looking creature behind us wearing the same coat as the figure. It takes a swipe at Danielson with some sort of weird arm or tail thing. It seems to land a blow but there is a… magic reaction from Sal’s protection deal. I take aim, not sure if a bullet will do anything and call out for Danielson to use the cold iron warhammer. He swipes and it looks like the path of the weapon has cleared the… mist? That makes up the creature. It topples over and starts to quickly pull itself back together. There is a gunshot, not sure from where. Danielson swings again using it like one of those strength testing carnival deals. It spreads out and seems at first to disappear, but we notice it is heading to the body. Jack heads to it and it looks like he is going to pistol whip it, but thinks different of it and shoots. That appears to be enough.

We head back out and Sal mentions closing the elevator. We go to the first one and Danielson looks in. The doors spring into action and looks like it is going to close hard on his head. Jack grabs for him but misses. I catch him by the belt and haul him back in time. We go to the next elevator and there is man in there. I call out William Jones and he responds. He can hear me but not see me. I tell him we got the doors open and to follow my voice. He gets to the open doors for us but looks like a damn mime pressing on the open space. He tells me to quit joking around. I jump in, kinda scared the doors will slam shut. I make it in and try to reach up to the trap door. Jack jumps in and offers help. I get up and open the door. I tell William that we got the trap door open. He walks over and tries to make it up but can’t. He asks about getting a rope down and I tell him we are working on it. He also asks for someone to contact his wife. I tell him the foreman is doing it. We struggle to think of how to get him out and finally need to give up. I tell him we contacted his wife and she says she hope he is safe and looks forward to him coming home.

We head up to the next floor. We are in a room and I notice some wriggling under the floor. I call out they are under the carpet and stab one. The carpet bursts with some fucking number of these Alley Crawlers. I sort of… I don’t know forget my shit. I drop the main gauche, only holding the punch dagger thanks to the brass knuckle handles and grab the nearest and start ripping it apart. I finally get my shit together and chuck the one I am holding and grab my main gauche. That is just in fucking time too. I deflect one and another comes at me. I am pretty sure he is just stuck in the vest. Shots are fired and more of the inside of these goddamn things wind up on me. I take out a few more and they start going for the rest of the team in the door way. At least I kept the fuckers busy for a little while. They seem to flock to Sal and I make it in time to finish the last one.

Clearing rooms we notice a weird creature.. Like one big eye little creepy fucker. It’s in a window and takes off really quickly after being noticed. We keep moving, no point not too. We come across a room missing lots of the ceiling and appears to be infested with the Impir fuckers. The team is gathered and I let them I am tossing a UV grenade.



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